The phase of adolescence has always been challenging for everyone. No matter what people or experts say, it is a critical point in our life. In growth and development, it causes physical and mental changes that sometimes people cannot explain. It can sometimes lead to the concept of adolescence syndrome. 

Alongside the many challenges we see from childhood to the phase of adulthood, we encounter development. These developments can be social, physical, and cognitive. Like, it can change the way you think, your perceptions about people change. For example, you might fight with someone but as you grow you can let go. You might be able to forgive adolescence syndrome and even meet with a cool mind. 

Adolescence Syndrome – Common Issues of Adolescence:

When the children reach the higher years of schooling, they tend to make their own choices. They value freedom and independence more than anything. In everything, they focus themselves on every situation. Most teenager conflicts start with authority issues. They will become self-centered and rebellious. For everything, they will say that this is not fair and they want what they think is right. 

People are also raging the topic of adolescence syndrome anime where teenagers are sensitive and unstable. They are more focusing on their friends as this type they become the most important thing in their life. Well, that’s not bad, but they tend to focus on what they do and leave their life goals. 

This is the time of their life when they want to test their limits. Or experiment based on what they are learning. Like the media influencing people to try out different things. Teens are the first one who reacts watching media like movies, cartoons, shows, reality shows or even breaking news. 

There is also another common example of playing video games. A lot of parents complain about the aggressive behavior they see in their children. They consider it due to the influence of video games and that is entirely true. Our behavior does reflect our everyday actions like how we spent our time and our learning. The ideas in mind we have, it is all about to be desirable. 

They want to make sure their personality is different. Like their body image, intimacy, personal relations, friendships. You might have seen how some teenagers rule their high school because they thrive on that kind of power. They want to be superior and want to feel that they have power over others. It’s common and it is usually due to adolescence syndrome. Girls go through polycystic ovary syndrome in adolescence in their life.
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Mental Health in Adolescence Syndrome:

Depression is quite common when it comes to the mental health challenges in this phase. It’s not about an illness but their fear of missing out, zero confidence, educational or peer pressure. That obviously builts a lot of pressure on teenagers. NIMH says that 11% of teenagers go through depression by age 18. And, suicide is the second yet leading cause found in adolescents. 

The sad part is that the trend has risen. While on one hand, we have great technological advancement and media. But, somehow it’s been showing a great increase in the rise of depression and anxiety. Teen girls feel the pressure of looking more beautiful by seeing other girls online. Influencers have also raised the bar by showing expensive items which have now become a teenage obsession. 

So, we are seeing a great increase in the suicide rate. Moreover, the use of drugs is also quite common in adolescents. In research in India, they found out that teens consider drugs as a way of relief. More than 50% of 9th graders try drugs as it is easily available to get away from stress. Some students also do drugs to handle the educational pressure of teachers and students. 

It is not just the phase of physical and emotional changes but somehow a great difference in their life. Their life could lead to positivity or negativity based on this phase. Therefore, a lot of schools focus on the mental health of their students to bring change in society.