The main purpose of muscular bicep exercises is to flex the elbow and rotate the forearm. This biceps also helps in shoulder elevation.

Big muscular bicep exercises – Just 14 days

Yes this is possible. Now you can get big biceps in just 14 days. This can be done in few following steps:

  • Start every exercises with chin-ups. But frequently care about the back exercise too. Chin-ups are extremely good for biceps and forearm growth.
  • Now go to the next step that is to move to dips.
  • Next you have to do that, use dumbbells to do preacher curls. You can also do the barbell. 
  • Last but not the least. You can end your exercises with skull crushers.

Some best muscular biceps exercise for men

These muscular bicep exercises help you to enlarge muscle mass, strength, steadiness and aesthetic appeal. When you do these exercises in a daily routine you can get overall fitness and an appealing body.

So following are some best and effective muscular bicep exercises for men:

1. Dumbbell curl Bicep exercise:

If you are interested in making your upper arm look bulge, for that dumbbell curl alternative exercises is best. This exercise assists you to make the upper segment of brachii strong. It also helps you in making your muscles grow larger.

2. Hammer curl:

Hammer curl is considered as the one of the favorite exercises of body builders and gym going men. This exercise lets you focus on every arm separately. It helps you to switch muscle groups. Also gives strength to your biceps brachialis. It also helps you make the muscle shape. For doing this exercise you need to:

  • Sit at an angle of 90°. Grasp a dumbbell in both hands. Your palm should face your body and your arms should be stretched straight to the floor.
  • You should keep your shoulder still. And then gradually lift one dumbbell facing toward your shoulder.
  • Take rest, and then squeeze biceps to the top.
  • Gently converse the movement to get back to resume.
  • Do the replication to the opposing side.

3. Standing barbell curl:

Standing barbell curl - healthyell

If you have ever joined a gym you must have done Hammer Curls Vs Bicep Curls once in your life. Barbell curls is the exercises that gives sizable volume to your bicep exercise. Standing barbell curls is the exercises that surely makes your bicep exercises to build muscles. But keep in mind you need to carry suitable weight for this exercise. To do standing barbell curls you need to follow these positions:

  • Stand straight. Your arms should be facing the floor straightly. Back your shoulders. Hold the barbell curl with both hands together.
  • Keep your elbow and shoulders still. Don’t move them. Now gradually lift the barbell curl towards the front of your shoulders.
  • Take a rest. Squeeze the bicep towards the top.
  • Gently converse the movement to get back to resume.
  • Do the replication to the opposing side.

4. Chin up:

This chin up is a exercises related to body weight. This exercise can provoke bicep muscular exercises to growth by only pulling up the bar. The chin up lifts your complete body weight. Over stretching the biceps with heavier weights than the curls. With this exercises your shoulders will also get stronger. Many weightlifters do this exercises incorrectly. They engage their shoulders and grip muscles at the same time.

5. EZ bar preacher curl:

EZ bar preacher curl - healthyell

By this workout biceps will be under pressure for a long time. And this will result in better muscle growth. When you use the EZ bar it makes your hand in an inner position and makes the movement cozy for wrists and moves the angle of the workout to hit various muscle Skeletal present in the biceps. This workout can be done in following way:

  • Be seated on a preacher bench. Give rest to the triceps back.
  • Keep your body in as it is position i.e. make your chest upwards, keep your shoulders back and make your elbows marginally forward.
  • Hold the EZ bar handle. Now your hand will be marginally narrower from shoulders, on a semi supinated angle.
  • Keep your body fixed in the same position and now curl the bar towards the up.
  • Give a little deep pause at the top to make the curl to flex the biceps.
  • Keep the weight under control.

Muscular biceps exercise for women

Same as men exercise is also important for women too. These exercises not only make you fit but also give your body the perfect shape. You can create the most enchanting looks for our wardrobe with an attractive body. These bicep exercises for women make sure to give your body optimal joint health. Triceps can help you to make your upper body look better than before. Women should make the arm exercise as part of their daily routine.

No matter if you go to the gym or do exercise at home. The only thing that matters is that you should do that correctly. Dumbbells and barbells can be the best bicep exercises for women. Every time you lift the weight make sure that it is a bit heavier than before. And you should not be scared to lift the heavier weight. When you lift heavier weight it does not mean that your arms will be swollen after bodyweight bicep exercises. If you will lift the lighter weight every time it will not make a visible change in your body. Until or unless your muscles would not feel any pressure they won’t be able to make any change.

Get your weights now and follow the best exercises for women as given below:

” Note:
all these works out are to be done in 3 sets and 20 reps.”

1. Traditional curls:

This is a muscular bicep exercises. This can be done as:

  • Grasp a dumbbell in your both hands. Your palms should be in the forward position.
  • Make your back straight. Keep your chest upwards.
  • Keep your upper arms still in stationary motion. Curve your elbows. Now move the dumbbells in the direction of your shoulders.
  • Keeping your biceps as tight or hard as you can. Then gradually move the dumbbells to the position from where you started.
  • This is counted as your 1st exercise.

2. Wide curls:

This is another muscular biceps exercises. This can be done as follow:

  • Grasp a dumbbell in your both hands. The sides of dumbbells should be facing towards each other.
  • Make your back straight. Keep your chest upwards.
  • Now move your arms towards the outside. More than 90°. Push the elbows to the ribs. And your palm should be upwards.
  • Now lift the dumbbells to your shoulders. Your elbows should be bending enough that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Lift it for a while. Squeeze your biceps.
  • Again starts from the first step.
  • This will be counted as your 2nd exercises.
    Read it muscular endurance exercises.

3.  Lying cross body dumbbell extension:

Lay down on a flat bench or on the floor. Grasp a dumbbell in your one hand. Your arm should be straight over the shoulder. Your palm should be away from you.

  • Bending the elbow and gradually dropping the dumbbell to the shoulder in reverse position.
  • When the dumbbell’s head touches the shoulder, move it oppositely. And start again.
  • Keep your arm that is not working towards the working elbow just to give it support. And maintain the proper balance.

4. Cable curl:

When you turn the dumbbells or barbells the effort is toughest when it comes to middle of the lifting. The cables possess the pressure on muscle all over the movement. This will enhance more pressure on the muscle and they will grow gradually. Furthermore you can add various knobs to cable machine pulley. This can affect your biceps from various angles. This exercises can be done as follow:

  • Join the wanted knobs to the pulley. Keep the machine to lowest height.
  • Grasp the handle from both hands. Move some steps backward. This will create the steady pressure on the cable. 
  • Move the bar upward towards the chest.
  • Move it gradually towards the down.

5.  Concentration curl:

This exercises is all about making your biceps feel work. You just be seated on a bench. Give rest to your elbows keeping them on your thighs. Move the dumbbell in the motion of extension to contraction.  By this exercises you are doing more work at a time so you also burn more calories. This exercises has many advantages. Like it gives you ability to pay heed keenly to your biceps. It also makes your weaker arm stronger. 

This exercises can be done in following way. 

  • Be seated on a bench. Make your arm hang in the mid. Keep your elbow at rest on your thighs. 
  • Keep the dumbbell in hand and gradually curl it towards the up in controlled environment.
  • When you move it to the top keep it as tight as you can.
  • Do not lose the pressure on biceps at any step.