Bicep stretch refers to upper body exercise which has the ability to transform the upper body of any individual into a fitter body. This exercise is also known as the chest opener exercise is performed in a standing position. This is a beginner-level exercise and mainly works on the chest, shoulders, and biceps. It is a non-equipment exercise and can easily be done at home and if it is not feasible for you then you can join the gym. However, bicep workouts with dumbbells can also be performed.

These stretches help greatly in enhancing the flexibility of the upper body and increase the motion of the upper body to a wider and deeper range. These two components are very important for a healthy body. In addition to this, this exercise also assists in relieving the tension and the tightness of the muscles. This in turn helps in the prevention of injuries as well as increases the movements. Plus, it also improves the flow of blood. 

As mentioned earlier, it is only a beginner-level exercise so it can also be done as a warm-up exercise too if you do heavy upper body workouts. In this article, we will let you know about how to stretch biceps, its benefits, and all you need to know about it.

Types of Bicep Stretch Exercises:

1. Standing bicep stretch:

In this kind, you will observe a stretch in several parts of your upper body such as the chest, shoulders, and biceps. Bicep stretches for soreness are usually the standing ones. To perform this, take your hands behind your back and interweave them. 

Keep both of your arms in a straight position and change the direction of your palms downwards. Now, start raising your arm to the maximum height you can and keep them there for a few minutes. Repeat and you are good to go!

2. Doorway Bicep Stretch Exercise

This stretch is very effective for the chest as well as the biceps. To perform these stretches maintain a standing position in the doorway while the left hand grabbing the doorway.

Move your left foot a bit forward, start bending your knee and put your weight in the forward direction. You will instantly sense the stretch in your shoulders and arms as well. While doing it, keep your elbow bent. Maintain a single stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds and then repeat the same procedure for the other side.

3. Horizontal Arm Extensions

Horizontal arm extension is a quick exercise and involves the overall movements as well which makes it even more effective yet efficient. It can be done in both positions, standing or sitting. To perform this, position both of your arms out aligning them with the floor.

Now, position your thumbs down in such a way that your palms are facing your back. Keep standing or sitting in this position for a good 30 seconds. Thump both of your hands in back and forth movements. Start this exercise with the minimum time and then increase the time whenever it gets feasible yet easier for you.

4. Horizontal Hand Rotations

This type of stretch is not so effective but surely makes a difference and plays a great role in strengthening your arm while stretching your biceps. To perform this, move your shoulders in the forward direction and rotate your thumb downwards. 

Now, come back to the initial position and move your shoulders in the backward direction and rotate your thumb upwards. Again, come back to the initial position and repeat these steps. Keep doing it for 1 to 3 minutes.

5. Seated Stretches

While doing the seated ones, make sure that your upper body including neck, head, and spine is in a straight line to avoid any injury and to prevent dislocation. During this, you will sense the stretch in the biceps as well as your chest and shoulders making it beneficial for the upper body.

As the name says, they are done in a sitting position. Sit down with your knees bending, making your feet straight on the floor parallel to your hips. Move your hands to your back, making them touch the floor. 

Your finger must be positioned away from the body.

Now, manage to put the same amount of weight on your arms, feet, and buttocks.

Move your buttocks back and forth in the direction of the feet and don’t move your hands, keep them in one place. 

Keep your body in this position for 30 seconds. Take your body back to the initial position and rest for a few minutes and then keep repeating.

Bicep Stretch Benefits:

These stretches prove to be very effective for the body if they are done properly. Following are the advantages.

  • If done in the right way, they will make your muscles do better movements, prevent the muscles from tightening and speed up the process of blood flow as well. These stretches provide you ease in using the muscles when you do some heavy exercise, lift weights and carry heavier objects.
  • In addition, it also increases the motion of the upper body to the wider and the deeper motion and helps you move your arm with greater ease. If you have to do a heavy exercise and you need to do a warmup exercise first because of the stiffness of the muscles, you can do these stretches to activate your muscles.
  • These stretches are a great source for enhancing the flexibility of the muscles. They will increase the flexibility for a longer time, allowing you to do heavier yet more flexible exercises. Plus, this flexibility will help in doing stretches more efficiently.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is mostly done by the trainers and athletes as a warmup or cool-down exercise as they help in getting rid of the soreness of the muscles. But according to some research, stretching does not really release soreness, instead it only provides a placebo effect which relieves the soreness gradually.

Some Tips Before You Do the Stretches:

  • Even though these stretches feel like a lighter yet easier exercise but they do need a warm up because sometimes, if you do the exercise right after the resting state then it can cause damage to your muscles and you may also get an injury. So, it is important to warm up your body even before the lighter exercise like the stretches. You can do a walk or any other simple exercise like cardio before this which in turn increases the flow of blood to the muscles.
  • Secondly, it is important for any individual to keep taking a deep breath while performing the exercise as it assists in the relaxation of the muscles and again, increases the flow of blood to the muscles which helps in holding the stretches for more time. So, it is essential to keep the process of inhalation and relaxation in check.
  • Thirdly, performing these stretches before any heavy workout turns out to be very beneficial and effective. Many trainers and gym freaks do bicep stretches before performing any other exercise of the biceps like cable curl, EZ-bar preacher curl, incline dumbbell curl and many others. It will help in performing the exercise more easily and will increase its effect on the muscles.