There are different shapes of breasts. Breast shapes can depend on women’s bodies, weight, genetics, and hormones. Some of the women also made possible changes to their breasts like enlargement or reshaping them. 

Breast shape and size can also be changed with time with, different workouts, weight lifting, or maybe with any abnormality. There is no woman with perfect symmetrical breasts. According to research(In 2006, the British scientific)that out of 500 women only one of them has perfect symmetry in their breast shapes.

In most cases, the left breast has a larger size than the right. The breast contains different types of glandular, connective, and fatty tissue. To maintain the shape of your breasts doctors advise you to take a good diet. But if you want to reduce your breast size experts recommend different exercises like aerobic, swimming, running, push-ups, and skipping.

Different Breast Shapes

Shapes of the breast can vary in different women. Breasts are not muscular organs, they are made up of tissues. The problems or abnormality of the breast come when you feel any sensitivity like bleeding and pain. If you experience such things, you should contact their doctors as soon as possible. Shapes can be very like some women have round, some are narrow and some have an elongated shape. 

When should you see a doctor for breasts?

Caring and having self-awareness for your breast are highly important. Especially, if you have a breast cancer history in the family. You can examine your breast every month with just a simple step-by-step procedure. If you have difficulty, you can watch a video as well. If you feel any lumps, you should consult a doctor immediately. 

Moreover, there can be changes in the skin color or redness that might be your concern. But sometimes it is nothing, maybe just an allergic reaction. But, checking with your doctor will be a wise decision. 

Factors on which breast shapes depend:

Exercise= You can maintain your breast according to you. With exercise, you can lose your body fat easily and can enhance breast shape and size.

Genetics= Genetics plays an important role in the shape of the breast. The genes that come from your mother and father can affect your breast.

Breast feedng= It’s the blessing of GOD that after pregnancy the shape and size of your breast gradually change. And, after baby birth due to breastfeeding tissues of your breast get enlarged. Similarly, other factors like age and weight are also involved in it.

Type of breast shapes 

Different Breast Shapes

Different types of breast shapes are:

  • Archetype

These are the standard type of breast shapes. This breast shape is round and full at the nipples. Most inners are designed according to archetypes.

  • Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical breasts have two different sizes; they are cup-like shapes.

  • Bell shape

The breast with the large size is full from the center and thinner from the top.

  • Narrow

The breasts are thinner and nipples are directed toward down. These are smaller in width.

  • Teardrop 

These are round in shape and their lower side is wider than the upper.

  • East-west

These breasts have very unique shapes. The breast starting from the center of the chest pointed toward the side. In this nipples are located toward the opposite of the breast 

  • Side set 

They are as similar as the east-west but have space between the left and right sides.

Do breast change?

A lot of women ask these questions about whether their shape can change over time. Well, it is likely to change due to many factors. It includes hormonal changes like puberty, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. When a woman goes through these circles of life, not only her breast but body changes. Breastfeeding affects a woman’s breast shape more than the other factors. There are small ligaments in the breast that ensure a properly defined shape of it. But, when you stop breastfeeding, the ligaments relax and that is the reason why it is sagging. 

Breasts can also change due to weight changes. People who are on diet and trying to lose weight will also lose some fats around their breasts. 

Breast shapes and personality

If we consider different shapes of our breast with personality then we have to compare breast shape with different fruit shapes. For example,

  • Green apple-like breast shape=These women are independent and they feel hesitant to seek help from others. They are stronger enough to live their own life.
  • Lemon-like shape= These women are modern and classy. They have good fashion sense.
  • Pears like shape=    These women are courageous and strong and they can fulfill their wishes. 
  • Mangoes like shape= These women are loving, caring, and trustworthy. They can keep secrets and are good in relationships.
  • Melon-like shape=  These women are a little bit silly and can trust anyone easily.

Try breast massage:

Not a lot of women know about this but breast massage can help a lot. It will ensure its proper health and reduce stress or tension. Moreover, you will have a defined shape with strong ligaments.