It is a common problem that bad breath affects our lives. We all wonder why my breath smells bad even after brushing. Even with constant brushing your teeth, good oral hygiene is hard to get. 80-85% of people go through this issue and want to get rid of the bad breath coming from their mouths. There can be a root cause to this issue that will be trying to find in this article. Moreover, we will also discuss the various options of treatments that you should know.

Breath Smells Bad – Causes:

When we brush our teeth our goal is to get healthy and clean results. We are trying to get rid of the bacteria that can come through the food particles. Even if you are brushing, the bacteria can still be left in your mouth. These bacterias release sulfur compounds that are the reason behind your bad breath. 

Brushing your teeth is not going to be enough especially if it is the case of mouth dryness. Yes, it can happen a lot, especially the people who are on a diet on are on fasting will go through this issue. Let’s discuss some of the reasons below.

  • Dry Mouth:

Dry mouth is one of the biggest reasons that can lead to bad breath. Our saliva plays so many important roles in the mouth like chewing food and allowing you to speak. But another reason is that it helps to control the level of the bacteria and even keep the particles of the food out. It is the main reason why are mouth is hydrated. 

If the saliva glands stop producing the saliva, then bacteria will increasingly start building. Apart from just bad breath, you will also be facing a lot of issues like very common tooth decay. Even if you are not facing any issue that way, then tobacco use and alcohol can lead to this problem in no time. 

Especially in cases like fasting, this issue will be very common. People who are on intermittent fasting should take care of their water requirements. 

  • Cavities or Gum Problems:

Why does my breath smell bad even after brushing? It could be because of the issue with cavities and gum. These problems are very common and they are hiding in the roots of your teeth. You might not feel this big of a problem but of course, your toothbrush cannot reach these depths.

  • Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux is very common and it happens because of the content coming back to the mouth. It is a stomach disorder and can be due to spicy food, overeating, and a lot of other issues. This can lead to bad breath issues and even a sour taste in your mouth. 

If you want to stop this issue, walk after eating anything and do not overeat at night. Especially fried or spicy food that can lead to acid reflux. 

  • Other Health Conditions:

There are other health conditions as well that can lead to this issue. In our body, there are certain chemical reactions or changes are happening all the time. This could increase the bacteria level in the body as well. Some of these health conditions can be diabetes, kindy issue, liver failure, and even intestine blockage

  • Smoking and use of Alcohol:

As we talked about above tobacco and alcohol are the main reasons behind the dryness in your mouth. It can also give you a bad breath because of the composition of their making. Moreover, you will be more subjected to gum diseases and oral cancer that is not good for your body. 

  • The reaction of Foods:

There are certain foods like garlic, onion, and ginger that also increase the bad breath. No doubt they have their benefits and they are good for the human body, but still, they require proper brushing of teeth. It can take more than a day for the garlic smell to go away. You can eat mint with it or apple as it helps the garlic smell to go away.

  • Postnasal Drip:

Why does my breath smell bad even after brushing? It could also be because of the postnasal drip which is the mucus flowing from the back of the nose to your mouth. The mucus will attract the bacteria and increase the bad breath in your mouth. 

Even the infections like flu and throat can also be the reason behind this issue. 

Home Remedies for Breath Smell Even After Brushing:

Certain home remedies have proven to be quite effective in this issue. Here are some recommendations:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and ensure to floss them
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash as it will help to get more effective results 
  • Eat healthy things and avoid sugary beverages
  • Visit the dentist regularly to know about your oral hygiene
  • Brush and make sure to scrap your tongue as well
  • If the teeth are not properly clean book an appointment with the dentist

Apart from your oral hygiene here are some other home remedies as well that are also very effective.

  • Baking Soda:

For why does my breath smell bad even after brushing you should use baking soda. There have been many studies done based on this and people agree that it helps like an alcohol mouthwash. It also has antiseptic properties that can help a lot. Just mix 2 tsp baking soda with water and gargle with it for 30 seconds and rinse your mouth. 

  • Water Intake:

Your water intake should be properly managed even if you are fasting. The body needs a certain amount of water every day and without that not only your mouth your whole body will be dehydrated. It is not a good condition as our body cannot work without water. Make sure to work on this issue more than anything. 

  • Pineapple Juice:

A lot of people do not know that pineapple juice can help manage your breath. This could also be quite an effective choice for you if you are out somewhere and just want to take care of this issue on your own on a temporary basis.

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