Chigger Bites Vs Bed Bug Bites –  An introduction:

Let’s start the debate of chigger bites VS bed bug bites. Chiggers and bed bugs are parasites that live off of your blood. If these parasites bite you, it causes pimple-like marks that are itchy and uncomfortable. Although the bites are not harmful in general, the itchiness and irritated skin can last up to a few days. 

They do not cause any long-lasting harm. Try to avoid scratching the bites to reduce the chances of infection. And use home remedies and over-the-counter medications to soothe symptoms.

If you notice red pimple-like bumps on your skin it might be because of bed bugs or chigger bites. The bites of both these bugs look quite similar but the environment they live in is quite different. 

How to Differentiate Chigger Bites Vs Bed Bug Bites:

Bed bugs are usually found near sleeping areas. If you see red dots or spots and smell something musty it is a signal for you. It is good evidence of the presence of any bugs. You may not even notice them even when they have been feeding off of you for hours or days.

How to Remove and Stay Away from Bed Bug Bites Vs Chigger Bites:

Fumigation can remove bedbugs. It is important to clean regularly especially if you confirm the presence of bugs. Keep the sleeping areas deeply cleaned because they have the most chance to inhibit bedbugs. 

If you notice signs of bed bugs in your house the best step is to call a professional to kill them. Because they are very difficult to remove totally because if having the ability to survive months without feeding. 

Chiggers mostly grow in weeds and grass. The most vulnerable place to grow chiggers is your lawn. Make sure that you keep it clean and maintained. Do not let it overgrow or the chances of growth of chiggers will grow even more. If you notice the presence of chiggers in your landscape, do not sit directly on it.

Bug sprays, insect repellants, and clothes covering most of your body are better against these bugs. While traveling, wear long sleeves, socks, and gloves if you want to stay away from chiggers and bedbugs.

Remedies Against Bed Bugs and Chiggers:

The first thing you should do against these bugs is to vacuum your whole house thoroughly. All the furniture, carpets every nook and corner. Wash your bedsheets, stuff toys, curtains, and every other washable item in extremely hot or cold water to kill the germs. 

You can use borax or diatomaceous earth (a naturally occurring sand with a rough texture) to kill these bugs. Other stuff that can prove to be efficient is rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and tea tree oil. 

It is quite important to understand here that a thorough cleaning is a solution in such a scenario. When you research online, you might have come across chigger bites vs bed bug bites pictures. And, how people are getting rid of it. 

You will come across many DIY methods as well. But first, it is important to call professional help to get a thorough cleaning. Then, you can use other tactics and methods to ensure such things never happens again. A lot of people delay and that’s why they spread in your beddings and room. Even in your clothes so always go for professional help first. 

Chigger Bites Vs Bed Bug Bites Pictures:

Chiggers are microscopic and can not be seen with a human eye. You might see on under a magnifying glass. They have a red body and live-in groups or clusters.

Bed bugs have the size of about the size of an apple seed. They have an elongated, reddish-brown body. They are not microscopic and you can see them if you observe them very carefully.


Even Both chigger bites vs bed bug bites may look quite similar. Still, there is a lot of difference between them. Both are not harmful for a long time but they might cause irritation in the skin. Do not scratch them as they can cause infection and use home remedies to cure the symptoms. Moreover, call for professional help to get your bedding or room clean.