Health screening is also called screening tests and these tests are meant to find diseases before it shows any symptoms in an individual. The benefit of this screening is that it can look for diseases earlier and hence it is easier to treat. Some of the screenings can be done easily in a doctor’s office while some of them require specific equipment, and people have to find different offices or clinics for that.

There is a wide range of screening tests from the Covid-19 screening test to the mental illness test, all can be screened out through a health screener. There are self-screening procedures as well, for which people are provided with proper instructions.

Health Screener CPS

During this period of the pandemic, we have learned that going to school and being physically present in class is way better than digital learning online classes. Students need to have all of the resources to thrive in schools. Digital learning caused limitation of resources, hence an alternative in the form of health screening has been presented in order to continue the facet face classes for students.

Chicago public schools have launched many new safety protocols for a safe and clean learning environment because of Covid-19. These protocols are not only for their students but also for staff as well. The CPS screening process includes many tests, safety practices, guidance, and instructions. First of all, we are here bringing self-screener guidance.

cps health screner covid19 test min

Self-Screening Questionnaire

Keep in mind how Covid 19 spread and what precautionary measures can be taken to avoid it. Firstly, a questionnaire has been prepared for students and especially for their parents or guardian to take a self-examination kind of the procedure for their children.

This questionnaire is also for all employees to have a daily health checklist before coming to school. It is usually called as ‘At-Home daily health questionnaire’. For CPS health screener students and staff, both are equal because it is very critical to keep them safe in this pandemic. For this questionnaire parents or guardians have to submit a ‘quarterly attestation form’, available on their website. Submission of this form means that they are agreeing to do health screening of their children on daily basis formerly sending them to school. ‘Quarterly Attestation Form’ will ask you about these things:

  • If you agree or disagree about screening your child for the symptoms and exposure of COVID-19 at home before taking them to school.
  • Parents and guardians have to confirm this thing that if their child is answering yes on any of the Self-screening questions, then they won’t let them go out to school.
  • They have to inform the school about the health of their child. If a child is not able to attend the classes because of symptoms or exposure to a COVID-19 case.

After submission of this form, students, parents, and employees are handed a self-screener instruction. Families, staff, and other visitors have to go through some health-related Covid screening questions. These questions are briefly explained here:

First of all, there are some questions related to the health of fully vaccinated people.

Are you feeling any of these symptoms over the last 24 hours:

Feeling Headache and fever of 100.4 and above

– If you are facing difficulty in breathing or shortening of breath

– Having sore throat and cough

– The feeling of nausea and vomiting

– A diminished sense of smell and taste

– Having muscle pain, fatigue

– Feeling of congestion or having a runny nose

  • Are you waiting for the reports of the covid-19 test?
  • Are you tested positive for covid-19 in last 10 days?

Non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated people have to answer all of the above-mentioned questions as well with the inclusion of these questions written below:

  • Are you close to someone having covid-19 in the last 10 days?
  • Have you traveled to any state that has been marked orange by the “CDPH (Chicago Department of Public Health) Travel Advisory Map” in the last 10 days? 
  • Have you traveled to any international location that has a moderate, high, or very high risk of covid-19?

If any individual gives an answer yes to any of these questions, then they have to stay home.

Practices for Good Health and Safety

Here best safety practices are mentioned that are for everyone who needs to get into the facility after the CPS screening process:

  • Use hand sanitizer or frequently wash your hands properly with soap
  • Must use disposable tissues for cough and sneeze
  • Throw away used tissue in the bin and then it’s essential to wash your hands
  • If you do not have disposable tissue at the moment use your sleeve at least
  • Do not touch your nose, mouth, or eyes with dirty hands
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay at your home

Along with these practices they are also providing huge guidance related to contact tracing, protocols for families and visitors along with all safety strategies if you tested positive.

These health screening services are strictly implemented in all of the schools as well. These health screeners will decide whether you can enter the CPS building or not. The main purpose of these screeners is to ensure a good learning environment. Remote learning or digital learning is now not necessary, and students have to attend school physically, hence daily health screening is mandatory.

Health Screener

A health screener is not only a student screener but a CPS employee health screener as well that is basically comprised of medical professionals that assemble or collect some specific information related to health on behalf of some company, employer, or any medical facility. Likewise, CPS has installed a daily health screener. If you are feeling completely fine and want to visit CPS school, then you have to follow these steps each day before your arrival;

  • Firstly you have to fill out the form provided by the CPS health screener link for giving details about your health. If you are not a student or staff member and you do not have a username and password, then you have to fill the form in hardcopy.
  • After getting information regarding symptoms, exposures, and recent travels, the screener will let you know whether you are allowed to go inside or not.

After completing this health screener, you have to go for a temperature check, if you have to be in the building for 10 minutes or more. If your body temperature is less than 100.4°F, then you are allowed only. And after you are being in the CPS building, you have to follow these safety protocols: 

  • Wear face mask
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Maintain proper 6ft social distancing
  • If you start feeling unwell, go home on an immediate basis

If your health screener check is not completed by you or your temperature is more than 100.4°F that you have to leave the building.

Visitors need to fill out a templated email provided to them, one day before coming. Parents and guardians need to fill this online health screener service on the behalf of their children studying there.

NYC Health Screening

NYC health screening

CPS health screener service and the NYC health screening system are somehow very similar. Here we are giving brief information regarding NYC health screening in DOE (Department Of Education) buildings. All DOE students and employees along with visitors and families need to go through health screening before entering the facility. As results will reset at midnight s every day new forms need to be filled by everyone. You have to show your results of screening in the form of hardcopy e.g. print out or in softcopy from your phone. NYC DOE health screening is very efficient. If you or your child forgot to health screen, you can use an online tool. You have to opt for one of these options for entering the school:

  • Online app service on cell phone
  • Printed completed survey
  • Copy of the confirmation email

CPS health screener is a daily health screener. This strategy is like the NYC health screening system having Covid screening questions for early detection of covid-19

New York City Health and Hospital Corporation (NYC HHC)

 It is inclusive of different public hospitals as well as clinics in New York City as public benefit organizations. A key lesson learned from this pandemic is the importance of health and the crucial role of health care professionals. In order to continue all life activities in a safe and healthy environment, NYC HHC presented us with proper health screen tests. This organization is managing all of the screening tests inside the department of education as well.

They have also set this New York screening for their employees, health care professionals, patients, and visitors as well. There is a proper application form for all health care workforce in these hospitals that need to be filled and confirmed every day before entering the hospital. There is the proper procedure for visitors and vendors. Visitors are those who want to have permission for visiting any patient for a limited time period. And vendors are those who need to be in the hospital for providing anything or services for less time duration.

There is also a screening test available for all kinds of patients as well as patients in ED (Emergency Department) and Ambulatory care. All screening tests need to be done at the NYC HHC’s point of entry. Proof of recent negative Covid test report in addition to proof of vaccination must be presented before entering inside.