Weed has now become quite legalized around the world. does smoking weed cause acne? It has both medicinal and recreational uses and people are getting more into it. People grow these plants at home or buy them from anywhere. But does it affect you in any way? Of course, everything has its pros and cons but it affects your skin. That’s why people wonder does smoking weed causes acne?

There is some research going on on this topic and turns out that weed can cause oily skin. Oily skin is one of the biggest reasons that cause acne. Some people have been claiming that smoking is quite beneficial for their skin too. Of course, there is no evidence-based result that provides us the answer. So, let’s discuss both pros and cons of it to know its effect on the skin. 

Does smoking weed cause acne – How bad it could be for the skin?

We are quite familiar that weed or marijuana affects our central nervous system. Marijuana has recently gained a reputation that it doesn’t get you high. It affects your brain and that’s why it is used for medicinal properties. The quality concentration varies in weed so you never know what you are smoking. 

People do wonder that does weed makes you break out, but the research is still going on. Of course, traditional marijuana had side effects that could cause problems to the brain and lungs. Moreover, dry mouth is one of the other effects you could feel. But no research shows dryness and acne-prone skin concerns. 

People already know that smoking tobacco products lead to long-term skin damage. Therefore, people who take weed ask that does nicotine causes acne. Acne is one of the major issues that can affect your skin badly. It is better to stay away from things that can trigger it on your face. You might notice that people who smoke have more fine lines and wrinkles.

Why do you think is that? Tobacco can remove the collagen in the skin which is to ensure elasticity and reduce fine lines. Still, these effects are not clear that whether it is due to smoking or not. As studies reflect its negative effects but do not guarantee that it is the truth. So, it is considered that one should stay away from these if they want to protect their skin. 

Does smoking weed cause acne – Can it be good for your skin too?

Well, that’s a question people ask that does marijuana cause acne. Like we said above, no proof of it could support the statement. However, there are many claims on the internet from people that it is good for your skin as well. People suggest that marijuana can keep sebum at bay. Sebum is the oil that causes acne on our skin. 

People claim that smoking marijuana helps you to stay away from excessive oil and other skin conditions. It can include rosacea and psoriasis. There are also other claims that marijuana can reduce the effect of cancer especially skin cancer. Many other claims show that it could keep other skin diseases at bay too. Also, read: One Cup of This Will Destroy Your Nail Fungus!

The benefits became more prominent in the past few years due to the legalization of Marijuana. People have been smoking it and claiming that they are experiencing clear skin. Sometimes people use the word topical with cannabis that means direct application on the skin. There is no denying that the cannabis industry has been providing so many benefits around the world.  

Does smoking weed cause acne – What is second-hand marijuana:

People also ask that can second-hand marijuana affect the skin in any way. You might know a lot of people that smoke together or at parties among you. Commonly, one should not smoke the same cigarette as it can transfer the diseases. But, no research or study can tell us whether it’s good or bad. Second-hand marijuana might carry long-term risks.