Though the name sounds funny or maybe a bit weird, this workout is great when performed well. Donkey kick isolates the gluteus maximus which are the biggest flute muscles. This donkey kicks back movement, as depicted in the name is quite similar to a donkey kicking. It is somewhat like a mule kick or a donkey kicking frog kicks exercise but while being on all fours. 

How to Do a Donkey Kick Workout?

How to Do a Donkey Kick Workout?

Stack your hands under your shoulders and get on all fours. Go into a position where your knees are under your hips. Keep your back straight and slightly tuck your chin.

Now slowly lift your leg towards the ceiling while keeping your spine straight. The other knee should still be making a 90-degree angle. Move your leg till your back has started to arch.

Then, slowly move the leg back and come back to the position you started from. Do similar repetitions on both legs. You might have seen this exercise mostly in leg workouts for women articles or videos. It is a good leg workout for men as well. 

Benefits of Donkey Kicks:

Donkey kick is a great workout for stability and balance. It also works great for toning. The major target of this exercise is your gluteus maximus which is the largest muscle in your glutes.

It also focuses on your body bulk in your glutes. The stable position of your body in this leg workout helps in strengthening your shoulders and core muscles.

It is a great workout for you if you are someone who works a nine to five desk job. Sitting all day affects your posture and can play a role in spine injuries. This workout helps you move your body and especially the glutes opposite to how you sit. So, it counters those long sitting hours well.

Here Are Some More Donkey Kicks Benefits:

Makes your Balance and Mobility better. Especially with the growing age, it gets harder to maintain these but donkey kicks can help. Another benefit is that you can do these leg workouts at home without equipment. 

This kick back exercise helps in the activation of the shoulder, hip, and core muscles. This also helps you in balance and stability. 

Donkey kick helps you achieve a good posture. Because you keep a straight back and focus on the shoulders you eventually get a better posture.

A good posture has become even harder to achieve in the busy life of today. Nine to five sitting jobs and a busy lifestyle don’t let us focus on maintaining a healthy posture.

Bad posture might result in various spine issues, back pains, and general discomfort. Donkey kick exercise helps with the strengthening of your spine and lower back muscles. Which in turn gives you a good posture.

Donkey kicks exercise is also a great activity to add to your workout routine for weight loss. The ease of performing this exercise makes it a great option for beginners. This exercise targets multiple muscles at the same time which helps losing weight and to build lean muscle.

Being a strength training workout, donkey kicks workout strengthens your muscles and increases endurance. It also helps in building fast muscles. And extra muscles are trendy and good for your health as well.

This workout focuses on Glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and core muscles. Like doing donkey kicks with a band, donkey kick smith machine, or cable donkey kicks. Banded donkey kicks are harder and more effective.

This simple and easy-to-do workout can be a great addition to your daily workout routine. You can add resistance for a better outcome.