Greekgodx weight loss journey 

Recently, there has been news about the Greekgodx weight loss. The greekgodx weight went from 370 pounds to 200. Now what’s left is a lot of loose and baggy skin. He was quite proud to show off his transformation on Twitch to the viewers. He said that losing weight is a great idea and your doctors might be telling you to do it. But, what they don’t tell you is that your skin will get loose

If you are obese, your doctor might be telling you to lose weight. But, they don’t tell you how much weight loss can cause you side effects as well. He said that he is having side effects too like his loose baggy skin. It is a part of your weight loss journey which people are not telling you. Dimitri, known by the name of Greekgodx, is going through this issue right now.

It is a two-year weight loss journey in which he has gone through a lot of different diets and exercises. At the start, he said that most people thought it was a big joke. Like how he was starting this streaming of weight loss on Twitch streamer.

Greekgodx is one of the chubby guys who do not have any problem showing off their skin on camera. It is one of the reasons why Greekgodx weight loss has gained so much popularity nowadays. 

Greekgodx weight loss – How did it all start?

It was about two years ago when Dimitri thought that it was enough. He was 369 pounds and decided it’s time to lose the weight. At that time, of course, it was difficult for him but he started eating better. Moreover, he chose healthy lifestyle options and got into a strict diet. How much does greekgodx weigh? His goal was to lose at least 70 pounds over the first year and he did it. In the 2nd year, he lost even more weight. 

People were unable to recognize him after these two years. And suddenly his streaming name became famous. The only thing that was left troubling him to be the Greek God was the hanging loose skin.

He even said that he doesn’t feel shameful at all to show off his loose skin. There is even Greekgodx weight loss before and after pictures online that are proof of his journey. 

In his live streaming on Twitch, he got up and showed people his hanging skin around the belly. He said that you can experience these things because of the stretch in the body. As your body stretches when you put on weight. So, it is one of the side effects that happen when you are gaining weight after a long time. Of course, there are supplements, exercises, or medical procedures to get rid of it. It’s on the front and sides. It’s really hard to get rid of the loose skin so that is an unfortunate thing with Greekgodx. 

You can easily find greekgodx before and after pictures too.

Greekgodx weight loss – Greek diet:

You must know that a lot of Greek people’s diet is meatless. In a week, most of the days you are just relying on the vegetables or beans, tomato and olive that is, of course, their main dish. They focus on green vegetables a lot and that’s why they have glowy skin. 

Greekgodx weight loss transformation is not just how he worked hard in the gym. It’s also the diet that contributes to your weight loss journey. You must consume a large number of vegetables that you can mix with small portions of food. You can even add meat cooked in olive oil to your salad as well. Because protein is also necessary for you. 

As greekgodx is losing weight, like him you have to give up on the carbs, rely on whole grain bread, whole grain barley rusk for breakfast. You can even try other weight loss recipes that are available online.

One thing that you must know is that Greeks use herbs a lot in their dishes. So, even in your basic meal add over some herbs that will create the aroma and taste for you. You can add them to your meat or grilled vegetables. 

However, the key to Greek food is olive oil. They only use other oils for some minimal recipes. Their basic ingredient is olive oil that makes their food so special. Greekgodx weight loss before and after transformation is just amazing.

Did Greekgodx strictly follow a Keto diet? 

Greekgodx fat loss began with consuming fewer carbohydrates in his meals and replacing them with fat instead. Thus, it will lead to a ketosis state in the metabolism, making fat the primary source of calories in the body. You can lose weight using the Greekgodx diet since the body produces energy for your movements and efficiently loses face fat. In other words, rather than relying on carbohydrates (such as grains, legumes, and rice) for energy, the liver produces ketone bodies instead.

He practices discipline when it comes to his diet by eating mostly meat (chicken, pork, fish, beef) and limiting his intake of rice or carbs to vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

His food choices are carefully considered.

is food choices are carefully considered.

All those who suffer from the same problem he does should consider what they consume. Consuming the right kinds of foods, eating the right amount, and eating them in the right ways is crucial. 

Losing weight requires controlling your eating and drinking habits. In the event that you are unwilling to change your diet, you should at least reduce the portion of your food intake. If you like a large cup of soda and 2 pieces of a cheeseburger, turn it into a medium cup of soda and 1 piece of a cheeseburger. It’ll work!

As Greekgodx had a low level of sugar in his body, he avoided sweetened drinks without any difficulty. However, if you are having trouble with this, he advised you to practice drinking water. According to him, it’s better to drink water rather than sticky drinks if you’re overweight. 

Stays active.

By staying active, you are keeping your body moving to lose weight and develop muscles. When it comes to greekgodx workout, he used a treadmill as part of his workout regimen. If you don’t like going outside or to the gym, that solution would be perfect for you. 

Finding something that you enjoy physically is a better choice for an outgoing person. Cycling, hiking, camping, dancing, yoga, lifting weights in the home, or simply walking around your village are all good ways to exercise. This would make it possible for you to lose weight effectively and enjoy your life more.

It is no wonder Greekgodx has been vocal about losing weight. Adding to that, he uploads and streams videos and photos of himself while he exercises. In addition to chatting with his followers and fans about changing his diet and lifestyle, he has also published recipes.

More about Greekgodx


In 2021, the Greekgodx Weight Loss valued network worth is about $ 2 trillion. The wеalth hе got through playing the games he enjoyed аs well as releasing from and loving many games he dreamt about. Currently, he is not earning a living, and he seeks to achieve more than just what he has. There is an enormous amount of wealth hung upon him, and he intends to get more of it while he is still young.

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