Exercise is one of the best techniques to keep your body and mind active and fit. But, the problem comes when we do not have enough time in our hectic routine to join the gym for a proper workout. A home gym is one of the best ideas to maintain your body. 

The main advantage of a home gym is that whenever you are free you can do exercise. It may save both your time and money. Similarly, some people feel hesitant to expose their bodies in front of a gym trainer. So, this is one of the best ideas for them. 

If you are having a gym at your home you are free to do anything according to your choice. You can listen to loud music and you can use any machine at any time. Gym set up in the home is a good idea for this we need different machines. 

Still, the most important thing is that we should have proper knowledge about the usage of these machines. If we don’t have proper knowledge it may waste a lot of money.

Weider Home Gym

Weider provides you the best product for your home gym. The main aim of Weider products is to provide machines for muscular exercises.

Equipment Offered by Weider for Home Gym 

  • Weider power tower
  • The Weider pro 225L weight bench
  • Weider bungee bench
  • Weider pro 267 bench press
  •  Pro smith  weight cage
  •  X-Factor Door Gym
  • CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar

Most of the equipment comes in an affordable range so that people can easily buy it for their home gym.

Bowflex Xtreme 2

Bowflex Xtreme 2 offers you more than 50+ exercises for your muscles. You can train your legs muscles with squats using an adjustable lower pulley.

Specification of Bowflex  Xtreme 2

  • No need to change cables 
  • There is no aerobic rowing
  • It is having an adjustable pulley system
  • Its workout area is ‘8*6’ 5″
  • There is no preacher curl attachment
  • Some of the exercises offered by Bowflex Xtreme
  • Shoulder exercise
  • Leg exercise
  • Chest exercise
  • Lower belly fat exercise
  • Squats for legs
  • Love handle exercise
  • Arms exercise 
  • Back exercise
  • Hip flexion exercise
  • Deadlifts

Home Gym Pulley System

When you are doing a similar exercise for a long period you may get bored from it. When your body experiences the same exercise daily. It will not affect you anymore. So, it is good to try a different exercise. 

Different exercises also develop your interest in the workout. So, an exercise with a pulley system is also a good idea for boosting your energy. Mostly arms exercises like for biceps and triceps extension. There are two types of pulley systems at home, one is for beginners and the other for those who have already trained their body on it.

Advantage of Using a Pulley System

Cable machines are highly recommended for the beginner in exercise. They increase the strength of your body and train your arms, chest, and shoulder muscles. It also hits the different parts of your abs. Exercise with a pulley can recover your arthritis and can recover bones injury also.

Pacific Fitness Home Gym

It is a metal frame gym system that allows you many exercises for fitness and weight loss. Its features include comfort seat adjustment, floating rods, balance weight, and different rods. So it also has padded seats so that your back may not feel any stress.

Exercise on Pacific Fitness

Muscle trained

Pacific fitness feature

Arms Biceps curls
Abs Rotatory Tarso
Lower back Back extension