If you are a vodka lover, it is quite fair for you to wonder exactly how many shots to get drunk? It is better to know your limits rather than to find yourself in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. 

Hence, it is crucial to get a better understanding of how many shots it takes to get drunk. So, that you do not regret going to a party. However, you must know that there is not a definite answer to this question. There are rather different factors that determine the alcohol tolerance of different bodies. Vodka is best served with ice, as it is said that it has an enhanced flavor when cold. 

Factors That Determine How Many Shots to Get Drunk 

Many factors determine how many shots of vodka to get drunk are needed for your body. Different bodies have different tolerances to alcohol. Some of the factors are; 

  • Gender

Research shows that to some extent, gender can determine the amount of vodka that can get you drunk. Generally, it is said that women have a lower level of alcohol tolerance than men. 

  •  Weight

Usually, the weight of an individual also affects how many shots of tequila to get drunk. The more the weight, the more the alcohol tolerance of your body. If you weigh more then you can drink more vodka without feeling tipsy and dizzy so soon. 

  • Mood 

This factor may be of surprise to many people. But your mood can indeed affect your body’s ability to tolerate alcohol before its effects kick in. For instance, if a person is feeling good, they may be able to drink a lot more tequila without getting drunk than they usually do. 

  • Sideline Drinks

If you take drinks such as fruit juices, lemon, or olives as a sideline with vodka. They may help you keep sober even if you exceed the limit of shots that can get you drunk. 

How Many Shots to Get Drunk

  • For Men

Recent studies have shown men have a greater tolerance to alcohol than women. Three shots of vodka can get them a little drunk. However, the maximum number of shots that they can have to get fully drunk is ten. Exceeding this limit can lead to severe drunkenness, which will result in the worst hangover in the morning. 

  • For Women 

A woman can drink 2 to 3 shots of vodka and stay in her senses. However, 5 to 6 shots of vodka can get her drunk. Six shots of vodka are the limit for women. If women drink more than that, you can find them gulping down aspirin at daybreak to relieve the hangovers. 

How Many Shots to Get Drunk and Benefits of Vodka

It is said that a certain amount of vodka is more beneficial than harmful to your body. There are several proven health benefits of vodka. The various health benefits of vodka are:

Benefits: How Many Shots to Get Drunk

Benefits How Many Shots to Get Drunk

  • Calming Effect on Brain 

If you have trouble sleeping at night, then vodka may be the key to calm down your brain. However, making it a habit may cause more harm than benefit. It can serve as a rescue to make you sleep faster and better at times. 

Replacing wine and beer with vodka can help you lose a few pounds. As vodka has a lot fewer calories than beer or wine. It also can make you feel fuller a lot faster than wine or beer. Although, make sure to not drink it with sweet drinks. 

  • Lowers Levels of Cholesterol

Drinking vodka in an average amount can lower cholesterol levels. However, it should not become your habit. 

This was all about how many shots to get drunk. If you like vodka, it is best to take it in a moderate amount and not overdo it.