Perhaps it is safe to say that wine is the most common drink around the world. It is a staple of elite society. Due to this modern image widespread amongst the teens, many wonder about how much wine to get drunk. 

However, this question does not have a most definite answer, this just depends on your body’s tolerance to alcohol. This article digs deeper into this question of how much wine do you have to drink to get drunk. 

How Much Wine to Get Drunk?

Before we jump onto the question of how many glasses of wine to get drunk, you need to know the alcohol percentage in the wine that you drink.

Your body mass, weight, alcohol tolerance, and alcoholic content in beverages determine how much wine it takes to get drunk. 

A famous Beer called The Italian Moscato d’Asti only has a 5.5% alcohol concentration. On the other hand, Vermouth or Port has an alcohol concentration of over 20%. Also, if you are not a regular drinker of wine, even a mere glass can get you drunk.

In addition to this, you should also be aware of how much alcohol you can consume in a single sitting. You will probably not drink a whole bottle. Research shows that an average person can drink up to 250ml of alcohol in one sitting.
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How Much Wine to Get Drunk – Alcohol Tolerance 

How Much Wine to Get Drunk - Alcohol Tolerance 

Alcohol tolerance refers to how much alcohol can be taken in by your body without showing any adverse effects. Alcohol tolerance will gradually increase because of consistent exposure to alcohol. 

To put it simply, when the first time you drink wine your alcohol tolerance would be quite low. Even half a glass can get you drunk.  However, once you become a regular wine consumer your body’s tolerance against alcohol will increase. It might take you 3 or more glasses of wine to get you drunk. 

If you want to know how much wine it takes to get drunk, then there is a simple experiment. You can do it to test your alcohol tolerance. It can serve as a how much wine to drink calculator. Read it Which of the Following Is True about Energy Drinks and Mixers:

Ask one of your friends to assist you in this experiment. Pour a glass of wine for yourself and drink it over the time of an hour. Make sure to note down the time when you start feeling drowsy or experience a sense of euphoria. However, if the first three did not induce any effect in your body in the first hour. Then, you may as well pour yourself another glass of drink. 

You need to know exactly how much wine will get you drunk. You can be invited over to someone’s house, leave a good impression by drinking per your alcohol tolerance. Drinking too much at an event or a party can cause you a lot of discomfort.

Regardless, knowing this valuable information can help you know when to stop or how much you want to drink. It is important before you start feeling a sense of euphoria. 

How Much Wine to Get Drunk – Conclusion 

There are various reasons why people wonder about how much wine does it take to get drunk. Maybe they are confused about the side effects of alcohol on your body. 

There is no definite answer that you can get from the internet. All you can do is conduct the experiment mentioned above to determine your body’s tolerance to alcohol. As soon as you feel the effects of dizziness you can easily know how much wine it takes for you to get drunk. 

Although the right way to enjoy wine is with a glass or two. Too much alcohol is bad for your health and can even cause neurological damage.