Whiteheads are one of the most common problems in our skincare. It’s a type of acne that is more like dead skin cells that you can find in your pores. It is of the reasons why you feel annoyed by your skin. You might even be facing problems like pimples, oily skin, and clogged pores. Therefore, a lot of people want to know how to get rid of whiteheads. 

The best part is that there are many ways by which you can get rid of them. There are remedies that you can try at home or medical treatments that give promising results. 

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads?

Before we discuss how to get rid of whiteheads, one must know its causes. One of the biggest reasons is your clogged pores. Moreover, hormonal changes in stages like puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy can also trigger things. 

It could also be the result of a delay in the menstrual cycle or women taking birth control pills. Some people also experience whiteheads due to genetics as their family has this in their genes. 

But, in this guide, you will learn about the different ways that have proven to be effective against whiteheads. Read them below and ensure you have healthy and breathing skin. 

Home Remedies for How to Get Rid of Whiteheads:

Home remedies are an easy solution for everyone as it saves time and money. You might have the products already at your home that can help you in this process. 

The important part is to remember that you cannot use high pH ingredients without proper guidance. They can irritate your skin and might leave it completely dry. 

Some home remedies you need to avoid include the mixture of ACV and lemon juice. Moreover, any use of baking soda and sugar can also lead to irritation in the skin. Raw sugar should never be used as it can also cause crystalization in your pores. 

So, the solution is to go for the natural remedies that cater to your skin needs while eliminating whiteheads

Natural remedies for how to get rid of whiteheads:

  • Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is famous for the magical benefits that it provides to our skin and body. Not only, it is used in skincare products but also in many medicines. You can apply natural aloe vera on your nose or face at night. Wash it with cold water in the morning. 

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the trendiest oils around the world known for its surprising results. You can use tea tree oil to fight whiteheads and also enjoy glowy and healthy skin. 

The benefit of using such natural oils is that they do not harm the skin through harsh chemicals. It ensures you enjoy the beauty of naturally tight and glowing skin. 

  • Vitamin a Cream

Those looking for a better solution of how to get rid of whiteheads must use vitamin A cream. It has the nutrients that promote healthy cell growth and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it cleans the pores so the skin can breathe freely. 

You can apply it once or twice a day depending upon how quickly you want to see the results. But, do not apply this cream when you are going out in the sun. Use sunblock to prevent redness or sunburn. 

Otc Treatments for the Best Results:

Want to know how to get rid hard of whiteheads on the face? Sometimes the home remedies do not provide the best results based on your skin type. That’s when over-the-counter products come to the rescue.

You mustn’t use all these ingredients together. Using too many acne products can also harm your skin. So, take your patience with the results. 

  • Benzoyl Peroxide:

It is a powerful treatment especially for removing dark spots and acne. Moreover, it absorbs excessive oil and ensures no fungal and bacterial growth. You can look for skincare products that have 2% Benzoyl peroxide. 

Just apply that product once per day after washing and drying your face completely. After that, wash your hands as some of these products contains bleach. 

  • Salicylic Acid:

Salicylic acid is responsible for controlling the production of oil on your nose and face. It will unclog the pores and get rid of all the dead skin cells. It is a powerful ingredient against both white and blackheads and ensures promising results. 

It is best if you use it once or twice daily. There are toners and facewash products that contain salicylic acid for daily use. 

  • Retinoid Creams:

Need a solution for how to get rid of hard whiteheads on the nose? It seems impossible without getting expensive treatments but you just need the right product. Retinoids are famous for their function of unclogging pores. 

It also helps in anti-aging and ensures you have clean and healthy skin. People having trouble with dryness can apply it twice a day for smooth skin. If your product is not showing any results in a few weeks then you must contact your dermatologist. 

Moreover, it is recommended that people should not go out in the peak hours of sunlight using such creams. 

  • Exfoliate Your Skin:

You must know there are many effective exfoliants in the market. But some of them can be quite harsh on your skin. Try gentle exfoliants once or twice a week that will peel off the dead skin. It also eliminates the flakes of dryness of your skin. 


If any of the above-mentioned methods for how to get rid of whiteheads don’t work, then see your dermatologist immediately. He/she might be able to look into your issue well and guide you about the products or treatments your skin needs.