Finding new inspiration for your Instagram look? Well, of course, you are as you cannot go wrong with trendy baddie acrylic nails or cute emojis baddie nails. There are so many choices for you now as nail art is considered a trend. There have been so many advancements in it whether it is about new styles, techniques, or improvements in tools. You will find beautiful nail art ideas that you cannot ignore. There are a lot of women out there who design on their own and are inspirations for the whole nail art industry. 

The Baddie nails are a new trend that shows off your inner power, the bad side, or the fire you hold. It does not mean you have to adopt gothic styles and all. There are cute baddie nut color nails as well that people like. Moreover, they are perfect if you are a blogger or love to follow trends or fashion. They are perfect for the beauty of your hands and you need to give them a try at your next manicure appointment.

red acrylic nails min

Now, there are a variety of traits that baddies like in their nails. It is all about the bright colors, bold designs, and aesthetics that make their hand look beautiful and ready to go. Even with the baddie’s simple coffin nails with rhinestones, you can rock every outfit and event. 

Baddie Nails Have Been Setting the New Trends:

Trends have been changing in every industry and the same goes for your nails. From nail color to the manicure to nail art, things change. Now, the more trend-changing we see in the pandemic. It of course changed a lot for many industries but for nail art, people started to look out for alternatives. Women were unable to go to the salon and they could not keep up with the fashion. Moreover, manicure has been an essential part of our life now.

baddie nails

So, people started looking out for inspiration online. And, that is when the concept of baddie nails ideas took great hype. When all of the things went online, people started using this trend for their pictures, videos, or even trying them out in their free time. 

New Trends of Baddie Nails:

Well, there are so many but here are some of the most hyped and in-trend inspirations for you. 

Multicolor Bold Nails

multi color bold nails min

Multicolor nails have been in trend for so long but the style of using bold colors can be a little tricky. You have to make sure that the colors complement each other. If you are trying that match the outfit, ensure at least one of the colors is the same as the clothes. Like a lot of women like the baddie long coffin nails with red, black, blue, brown, and orange shades. The choice of color is always yours as you have to see which color will look.

French vs American

french vs american nails

You might have seen a lot of celebrities wearing this style. If you think the Acrylic Nails are gone, then think again. They have come back with the new style of mixing it up with Americal manicure style. You can have gold metallic tips or give it an ombre effect. You can also merge two colors on your coffin baddie nails.


As we told above, baddie acrylic nails are not only about the color. It is how you want to display your personality. Your nail color and style talk a lot about you and women can easily understand it. Neutrals have been in trend for so long and it also goes for baddies. They even with their simple look say a lot about your confidence and your personality. It is one of the best inspirations for people who want to give a more natural look as well. 

You can try it out with an ombre effect or by merging two colors. Also, you can just add little hearts or a devil emoji on it. There are so many shades in neutral so pick what you like and style it according to your choice. 

DIY Nails

DIY has been getting more and more inspiration when it comes to nail art. Like the coffin baddie with red acrylic nails, that you will see a lot of beauty influencers wearing. Even fashionistas can try it out as it is all about the colors and how you want to play with it. If you are more into fashion brands then some people can style their favorite brand logos. You might have come across the inspiration of baddie Louis Vuitton’s nail coffin.

3D Nail Art

3D nail art min

For baddies, 3D nail art is beyond perfect. Especially, if you are trying to do something special. It could be a music video, your new look, meeting with fans, or for parties. Even if you are not a celebrity, still you can style it in so many ways. You can see celebrities wearing it all the time. These baddie nails give you more than just a perfect look but give you the confidence to show the world who you are. 3D nails have been for a very long time and they will see be in trend in the future.