Thinking about how to ghost someone? In this modern age, it is time that we must talk about the things that are not nice. But sometimes we have to do it anyway. We are not referring to ignoring someone on purpose or ghosting someone whose well-being depends a lot on you. Truly it is not right to ghost someone who you care about. 

However, in some cases, there is no other option than to ghost people. When someone mentally drains you, it is best to steer clear of them.

How To Ghost Someone

It is pretty much fair to say that we have all been in a ‘ghosting situation. Ghosting someone is not exactly a great feeling, although sometimes it becomes the inevitable thing to do. 

Looking for a way on how to ghost someone nicely? Possibly the only thing that you can do without insulting them is making up a believable excuse. You can say that you lost your phone or your phone battery ran out. However, these excuses may give the ghost a reasonable explanation as to why you were ignoring them.  Although this way is better than ignoring them completely. 

Another thing that you can do is politely explain to them that they may not be the one for you. Let them know that they are a great person but the chemistry is not right. This way the other person will not feel embarrassed or devalued.

How To Ghost Someone – Ideas to ghost anyone

There are also other ideas of how to ghost someone. You can take a subtle approach of ghosting them gently. For instance, if you reply to their text after every five minutes then you can increase the time to as much as an hour. If they are clever enough they will get the idea that you are not interested.  However, there is no guarantee that this way will not hurt their sentiments. But this gentle ghosting allows you to let them off easily. 

Ideally, nothing will work better than to be completely honest with them. You may end up hurting their feelings. Though, this will hurt a lot less rather than being led on. Eventually, they will understand that it was not in your intention to hurt them. Being honest is the best thing that you can do so that it becomes easier for them to move on and find someone else. Just be considerate towards your feelings and don’t be brutally honest.
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How To Ghost Someone Without Actually Ghosting Them

Looking for ways on how to not ghost someone? Sometimes ghosting can seem too brutal and harsh towards someone who is a good person. Here are a few things that you can communicate with them.

“I would love to stay friends with you but I do not see this going any further than that”

This is a good way to tell them that you do not feel the spark or a connection with them. However, this approach leaves room for friendship. 

“I am not in a position in my life where I can be committed to someone emotionally” 

This is for people who do not seem to be able to carry a relationship along with their other life priorities. When you may be focused on yourself or your career. This phrase can explain everything easily. 

 “I am going through  a hard time in my life and I need to sort it out on my own”

Maybe you need some personal time to invest in your happiness first rather than to take the responsibility of keeping someone else happy. This sentence is perfect for those who have realized that they need to figure themselves out first. 

How To Ghost Someone – Conclusion

This is all that you need to know about ghosting. Preferably the best way is, to be honest with them and have that awkward conversation. Ghosting seems like an easier option but it can hurt the sentiments of the other person.  You may not be able to forgive yourself for that. So try out the gentle ideas when you are looking for ways of how to ghost someone.