Hickey is defined as a deep red or purple blemish on the surface of your skin which is usually caused by extreme suction or kissing. Hickey Usually appears on sensitive yet softer skin like on the neck, earlobe, or arm as for suction or kissing it’s easy to access but it can be taken anywhere. It is also known by the names, love bite, bug bite, kiss mark, or Hickie.

But, like many other different blemishes, it should wane away in 8-12 days. When someone sucks or bites on your skin, which is a part of a hickey, it might rupture the small blood vessels which are present under the surface of your skin, and when they rupture small blood spots appear on your skin which is called petechiae.

And then these small blood spots gather to form a bigger spot which is called a blemish or a bruise. The blemishes or bruises keep on changing color with time and might turn yellow from deep red or purple.

People look for the answer to how to give a hickey and usually, hockey is considered a bad thing and people shame others because of having a hickey. But it should not be a big deal and there should be no shame if you are having it. But, the only thing that makes people comment on it is that all of a sudden your private life shows up in the public. Here, we will discuss how to give someone a hickey and also how to get rid of it.

How to Give a Hickey?

Hickey is one of the nicest gestures to show your partner how much love you hold for that person in your heart. People usually give hickeys to their partners to show affection and to leave a mark on their skin just to show that they belong to them. 

In simple words, it is a great way of showing the fondness and endearment you have for your loved one. Here, we will guide you on how to give a good hickey

To give your loved one a hickey, you should create a loving environment and make them feel good. Do not do it directly. At first, make the mood right and start doing smooch kisses with your partner, and always ask for consent.

Secondly, choose the part of the skin where you would love to give a hickey but keep your partner’s choice in consideration. Kiss bites become very prominent on sensitive and softer skin which is normally present on the neck.

So, if your loved one wants a hickey but also wants it not to be prominent then you have to choose the spot wisely which can be hidden by clothes. You can choose the partner’s back part of the neck, the arms, the thighs, and other parts of the body which can be covered easily by everyday wear.

In the third step, you begin to give your loved one a love bite. To give a hickey, part your lips and make the position like the one which shows up when you pronounce the letter O. Preceding this, place your lips durably on your partner’s skin making sure that you’re keeping it soft and pleasurable instead of going wild and hard on it.

Now, start sucking the skin. You should suck the skin hard enough which can burst the capillaries present just below the skin but make sure that it does not cause very much pain and should not be discomforting and unbearable for your partner. You should suck the skin intensely for a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds to leave a mark called a hickey.

While doing this, make sure your teeth do not touch your partner’s skin. Also, do not let saliva come out of your mouth because if it comes out it can ruin the perfect moment of intimacy. Hickey can be painful for your partner so to cover that give your partner some smooch and gentle kisses right after giving a hickey. So that it doesn’t make them feel like an object to show your lust.

After a few minutes, the mark of the hickey will show up. It will be light pink in the beginning. And if it doesn’t get dark and you want it to be dark then do it again.

How to Give a Hickey- Getting Rid of It:

If you feel like it is way more than intense and you need to get rid of it then here you will find the answer to How to get rid of hickeys.

If it’s swelled and is bleeding more than it should be then to lessen the swelling and to reduce the bleeding you can do several methods and one of them is the usage of the ice pack. You can place the ice pack on it in the initial days of the mark. 

To do this, wrap the ice pack in some cloth or towel and place it on your skin where the hickey is present. Do this for 12-15 minutes, a few times a day. But after several attempts, you can use the warm cloth.

And if it’s hurting then try taking some pain killer like acetaminophen.

There are various other techniques too by which you can get to know how to give yourself a hickey which includes cupping, sucking skin by using an extension of vacuum, using a curling rod to form a burn spot, and many more.

How to Give a Hickey and Ways to Conceal an Already given One:

To know how to give a hickey you can read the steps which are mentioned above and to know how to conceal it keep reading.

People usually judge by seeing the mark of the hickey and become curious to know from where it came from. It can be embarrassing sometimes and to prevent it you can just simply conceal it.

Some easy yet less time-consuming options are described below:

  • Turtleneck: You can wear a turtle neck top or any other shirt which can hide a hickey on the neck
  • Scarf: You can also take the scarf to cover the neck area. It will be stylish and easy too
  • Makeup: Makeup is the easiest way to conceal hickeys and when you do this you just don’t need to wear an extra piece of cloth. Use a suitable foundation or concealer to cover it.
  • Bandage: A bandage can also be used to cover the hickey.
  • Collared shirt: A collared shirt is another useful way to cover a hickey present on the neck.

How a Hickey Can Be Avoided?

Not everyone likes having a hickey and with the people who ask how to give a hickey, there are some who want to avoid it. So, here’s the answer to that.

One of the most effective ways to avoid a love bite is communication. Talk to your partner about this if you don’t feel like having a hickey or love bite. 

Tell your loved one to be easy and gentle with you and if he or she keeps sucking on one spot tell him or her to change the spot cause if you keep sucking on one spot it is natural to say that a mark will appear.