Who doesn’t love having a slim face, defined jawline, and a well-toned neck? Well, the answer is No One! If you are disappointed with your recent snaps because of a double chin or neck fat, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. This guide is your ultimate solution on how to lose face fat. Losing weight on the face and around the neck can be stressful. You will find dozens of workout regimes for body weight loss but there are only a few effective exercises that will work with your face and neck. 

Benefits of Facial Exercises:

Practicing facial exercises not only results in a slim and toned face structure but also has many other benefits. From reducing the wrinkles on your skin to strengthening the facial muscles, these exercises can do wonders for your skin. It improves blood circulation in your face and neck region. Facial exercises remove unwanted tension from your muscles and help you stay relaxed and focused. Facial yoga is one of the best go-to exercises for a better, slimmer, and perfect chiseled face. 

Best 10 Trending Exercises: How to Lose Face Fat and Neck

Following are some of the trending exercises that have been proved to be highly effective in reducing face and neck fat: 

  • Neck Roll

It is one of the most effective facial exercises. This exercise targets your jawline, double-chin, and neck muscles. It also works best to relieve pain around your neck. You can easily do this by sitting and forwarding your face and bending your head in a circular motion side by side. You can repeat this same process in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. 

  • Eye focus:

By keeping your face firm and focused on one position, you will be using your energy. The pressure will be caused on your face especially which will in result burn fat around it. One thing you must know about this exercise is that it really makes your eyebrow smooth and keeps your eyes away from wrinkles. To lose weight in the face, you should be focusing on a point from a distance. 

  • Mouthwash technique:

How to get motivated to lose weight around your face and neck? One of the exercises is a part of our daily life routine. Instead of mouthwash you can fill your mouth with air and move it side by side just like cleaning your mouth. It is a very helpful and effective step in your routine that tones up your cheeks and gets rid of excessive face fat. 

  • Chin lock:

Chin lock is one of the most traditional and old exercises that have helped people with the facial jawline and reducing fat on the face. All you have to do is to place your hands on the knees and your chin on your chest firmly. By holding your breath take much time you can be in the same position. Then, you can relax and repeat the same process. 

  • Jaw release:

Those looking for effective ways of how to lose weight in a month should go for jaw release. It is perfect for toning up your cheekbones and getting rid of all the chin fat. All you have to do is move your jaws like you are eating but with your mouth closed. Now relax by breathing through the nose. Repeat this process multiple times a day for getting fast results. 

  • Locked tongue exercise:

A locked tongue is one of the most core exercises for your facial fat. It gives a lot of pressure on your jawline. So, just sit comfortably and place your tongue on the top of your mouth. You will feel a bit of stretch and that’s a good thing. Do it several times and increase the time to hold yourself in the same position. 

  • Fish face:

Want to get your cheek muscles all toned up? Use the fish face position which gives a tremendous result as being the best facial exercise. You just have to suck your cheeks inward and hold it still for a minute or so. After that, you can start increasing your time as well. It will create a stretch which can be uncomfortable but you should go for it if you want to see some fast results. 

  • Ball exercise:

Ball exercise is a challenging exercise as you have to place a small ball around 9 to 10 inch under your chin and keep it against it for a while. If you want to lose face fat fast, then repeat it a lot of times during your day. It is one of the recommended facial exercises by fitness experts. 

  • Heads up:

It also goes by another name of pucker up but what you will be glad to know is that it is a simple yet effective exercise. You just have to lift your head and look to the ceiling or the sky. Pull your lips up like you are kissing the ceiling. Do it for a minute or two and then relax and repeat. 

  • Tongue stretch:

Whether you are trying to burn your body fat or face, stretching is one of the perfect ways that give you results. It also improves flexibility and blood flow. By keeping your face straight, stick out your tongue and lift it in both upward and downward directions. It is one of the best solutions for how to lose face fat

If you are looking for effective ways of how to lose weight in face and neck. Then these above-mentioned exercises are the ideal solution for you.