As self-respect is everything in this world so the person should not lower his standard and priority for anyone else. Therefore, you need to know how to respond to self deprecation. As the famous saying goes, “I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.” – Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre.

How to Respond to Self deprecation – What Is It?

Want to know how to respond to self deprecation or what it means? It means that if you care about yourself first then you can care for others. In this society, a man has to face different challenges in life. 

It could be disrespect, cheating, poverty, and insult. The people who are not strong enough to face the tough challenges of life sometimes self-depreciation. 

In this phase, they became so sensitive that they became the reason to insult their own life. He/she criticizes themselves for failure as this is also a form of depression. So, if anyone faces this type of situation the important thing is how he responds to self-deprecation.

How to Respond to Self deprecation – Explanation

The main reason for the self deprecation is that some lines like “why did you do this”? Or questions like why you were unable to do this. We must know that insults badly affect someone’s personality. 

In this situation, people blame themselves for each faulty act. This makes them degrade his/her personality in each phase of life. They remain silent in every situation even though they are right or the person opposite to them is wrong. According to psychiatrists, it is also one of the critical phases of depression 

In this phase, a person is unable to make himself confident in front of the whole world. The other reason for this is that sometimes we felt ashamed more than confident in front of people. We might think everyone focuses on negativity more than positive aspects of Health lifestyle. 

In this phase, inner peace is very difficult to achieve for a long time. But, the person himself can only overcome this all stuff and maintain an enjoyable and peaceful life all the time.

How to Respond to Self-deprecation – How to Overcome This?

Self-deprecation is sometimes also called self-cancer. This is very necessary to overcome this with few things 

  • If you are comparing yourself with others it will make you let down. Every person has his /her personality and way of living so stop comparing your life with others. This is now you can say became the trend of society that people will not show black part of their life. They might just highlight the white part in front of others so rely on your own.
  • Focus on the motivational things which can promote your skills. Encourage your mind that yes you can do anything in your life.
  • Make your future goals and wishes and try to innovate different ideas to fulfill them. These wishes will also give you the courage to achieve your goals and become successful in your life.
  • Stop making yourself hesitant to speak in front of others. Say anything that comes to your mind, do not think about whether it is wrong or right.

How to Respond When Someone Is Self-deprecation

First of all, try to listen to the self-deprecating people that what they are thinking. And,  what’s the reason behind which will make them feel less. Sometimes emotionally abused by their friend and family also became a reason for this problem. 

Point out them with patience and respect when you think that they are becoming cruel and harsh to their personality. Realize to them how much their life and they are worthy to others and themselves also. 

Give them simple possible evidence to prove that they are not wrong every time. The only mistake they made was that they lacked confidence in their personality. Consulting them to a good psychiatrist is also an option. But, this should be the last option for you to respond to the self-deprecation. 

You do not want to make them think that they are not thinking right. Or is something wrong with them? Help others so everyone can enjoy the beautiful world, the way it should be.