Have a patchy beard or no beard at all? Are you worried if you are ever going to grow a beard? Don’t worry almost every beard goes through a patchy stage at first. Here are things to look at when you are researching how to tell if you can grow a beard

How to Tell If You Can Grow a Beard – Factors to Know

The two most important factors are how much beard your dad grows and what type of diet you are taking. Let’s discuss in detail:

  • Genetics:

If you want to know how to tell if you can grow a beard, here is the main thing. A person’s genetic makeup is the mix of both his parents’ DNA. So if you can not grow a full beard it could be because of one of your parent’s genetics. 

  • Diet and daily life 

The thing that most of us neglect about growing a beard is a balanced diet. Also, other daily life activities like proper sleep, workout, and daily routine. These activities base the proper nutrition of your body which in turn ensures hair growth. 

  • Age:

How to know if you can grow a beard? It’s a tricky question for everyone. While you are looking for solutions, you should also consider the age factor. As it plays a very important role and varies a lot. 

Where some boys start growing beards in their early teens, some start after eighteen or even sometimes in their early twenties. So you don’t have to think you can’t grow a beard at all if all your friends are growing it. You may just be a little late. 

  • Roots:

There are some areas where people tend to grow very little facial hair. Such as China, Mexico, Korea, Japan, etc. So, if you or your ancestors have roots in these countries your chances of growing a beard are quite less. 

  • Stress:

Studies say that people who stress a lot are more likely to lose hair, especially in the growing phase. So worry less and make your chance to grow a full beard stronger. 

  • Healthy body:

The overall health of your body is very important in hair growth. Hormonal balance, a healthy and well nutritional diet, a good fluid intake, and a stress-free routine are the keys to a man mane.

  • Body hair:

Another indicator on how to know if you can grow a beard is body hair. If you started growing hair on your chest, arms, and legs you have a good chance to grow a full beard.
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How to Know If You Can Grow a Beard – How Long Should I Wait?

You should wait for about two to six months. As hair growth largely depends upon genetics as well as your lifestyle, the time may vary from person to person. Hopefully, you will see results in up to six months and most cases a lot sooner than that.

Just keep in mind that not everyone can grow a full beard. You can enhance what is already in your genetics by a healthy lifestyle but you do not have much control over nature.

Conclusion of How to Know If You Can Grow a Beard:

Do you think why can’t grow facial hair? You need to keep a lot of factors in mind. Beard growth depends upon many things from your genetics to hormones and from age to a healthy diet. Be patient and do what you can to stimulate healthy beard growth.