Whether you have just started gym/home workout or want to try a new exercise, one thing that always comes to your mind is “How to do this correctly?” This concern is valid since incorrectly doing an exercise will have no benefit.

A hip thrust machine is a glutes exercise machine and is also known as a glute bridge or hip machine. It can be a free weight or stacked weight machine.

How to Use The Hip Thrust Machine 21 steps

Following are the instructions to correctly use both types of hip thrust machines.

1.    Add weight to the machine. Depending upon the type of machine, you will either add plates of equal weight to both sides of what looks like the ends of a barbell or slide the pin through the weight stack.

2.   The recommendation is to add ½ or 1/3rd of your weight but you can increase or decrease it according to what suits you. You can also opt to not add any weight and just your bodyweight for the exercise. It is all up to you.

3.    After that, sit down on the machine.

4.   A free weight will either have a strap or padded bar. If a strap, pull it tight over your hips and buckle it. If a padded bar, then swings it over your hips until it firmly presses against them then secure the latch.

5.  The stacked weight machine will also have a padded bar. Reach up to it and lower it onto your hips until it firmly presses against them.

6.  Press your shoulders and lower back against the seat. If the seat is not long enough, then only press your shoulders against it.

7.  No need to use the strap or padded bar if you are only using bodyweight.

8. Position your feet shoulders width apart in the center of the footrest. Position your feet higher if you want to target hamstrings and lower if you want to target quads. Your toes should be pointing forward.

9. Bend your knees at a 90 degrees angle. Squeeze your glutes to raise your hips until your upper legs and lower back are in a straight and hold this position.

10.   Keep your core tight and do not arch your back while raising your hips as it can damage the spine.

11.   While raising your hips, you will also be lifting the weight you added before. Use the help of a spotter if you are having difficulty raising your hips.

12.   While still holding that position, push the vertical safety bar forward to disengage the safety and unlock the complete range of motion.

13.   This is now your starting position.

14.   Now lower your hips in a slow and controlled fashion until your upper legs and core are making a 90 degrees angle. Hold that position for one second.

15.   Again, raise your hips to the starting position. This will count as one rep.

16.   Hold it for one second and repeat the reps.

17.   Do 1-3 sets of 6-12 reps.

18.   Breathe in when lowering your hips and breathe out when raising them.

19.   If you could complete your sets, try decreasing the weight or use a spotter. If you feel very exhausted after the sets, they also decrease the weight.

20.   After you are done with your exercise, go into starting position and then pull the safety bar. Unbuckle the strap or release the padded bar over your hips, get out of the machine.

21.   Remember to remove the plates that you added. It’s necessary because not removing the plates after exercising is a bad gesture.

How to Use Hip Thrust Machine Cautions:

1. You should never arch your back while lifting heavyweight. It would take months to recover from a spinal injury. There can also be permanent damage.

2. If you are a beginner, use bodyweight or small weights only. If you lift more than what your muscles can handle, you could have muscle injuries like tears or avulsion.

3.  It is always good to have a spotter or trainer when you are trying an exercise for the first time.

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