COVID-19 is labeled as a respiratory disease but it is deadlier than other respiratory diseases such as flu, common cold, etc. However, a sore throat can be a sign of this disease. Even though its symptoms vary from one person to another person but sore throat can be the initial sign of it.                                                                                                                                                   

Sore throat is not so common a symptom of it but other symptoms like dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, tiredness, loss of smell or taste are the main symptoms of it. A very less percentage of people experience sore throat who are sick with this.

But in pandemics, it’s important to pay heed even to less common and mild symptoms. Besides this, there are many sore throat allergies. If you are allergic to pollen, dust, molds, and pet dander then you can also get sick with a sore throat. In the sore throat, you may also experience ear pain which is not a symptom of coronavirus.

Other symptoms of COVID-19 that are common along with sore throat:

A sore throat probably occurs along with other symptoms of it. Different patients of this had different combinations of symptoms with a sore throat and some of them had a very bad impact on one’s health. In such cases, one should definitely seek hospital support. If you have a sore throat with loss of smell or taste then it is most likely to be COVID-19 rather than a cold.

 Having fever and headache is also associated with a sore throat. So, if you notice other common symptoms of this like shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, and dry cough then you should visit your doctor at an early stage of your illness.

How Does a COVID-19 Sore Throat feel like?

How Does a COVID-19 Sore Throat feel like

There’s not any authentic information on whether a sore throat caused by COVID-19 feels different from the common sore throat.

Generally, having a sore throat is a very common symptom of a few other sicknesses like strep throat, common cold, or other infections of the respiratory tract. But if sore throat is caused by this then you may notice the following general symptoms:

  • ·        Your throat feels dry or raw.
  • ·        Inflammation in your throat.
  • ·        Redness in your throat.
  • ·        Pain in your throat.
  • ·        Your throat may also thicken.

After all, to make sure if your sore throat is caused by this or some other sickness the only way is to get the test done.

What Should You do if your Sore throat feels like COVID-19:

If you have a sore throat along with some most common symptoms of this disease, take the steps mentioned below:

  • Isolate yourself at home: First of all, distance yourself from other people around you. You should only be going out to seek medical assistance.
  • Get the test done: Secondly, get the test done.
  • Wear a mask: Also, wear a mask if you interact with other people around you or if going for medical care.
  • Keep your doctor informed: Keep up with your doctor and keep telling him about your symptoms so he may guide you accordingly.
  • Keep your symptoms in check: Keep a check on your symptoms. Because you may also get way more seriously ill. If you feel like that your symptoms are getting worse then you should seek immediate medical care.
  • Wash your hands more often: Don’t forget to wash your hands especially after coughing or blowing the nose.

If it’s not COVID-19 then what it can be?

Most of the time, sore throat is caused by other viral infections too. It is not only limited to this only. It can also be seasonal flu or just a common cold. Flu and cold are transmissible but they are not deadly like this disease and can easily be treated at home. Flu is way more severe than cold and it’s more related to this.

 To determine the treatment it is essential to get to know the difference between flu and COVID-19. There are a few symptoms of this that are different from the symptoms of flu-like loss of taste or smell. If it’s neither this nor that then it can be strep throat as sore throat is also a sign of strep throat.

When to Seek Medical Assistance:

In some cases, the symptoms progress to a dangerous extent and this usually happens a week after you get sick. If you notice any of the following symptoms then seek immediate medical assistance.

·        Difficulty in breathing.

·        Pain in chest.

·        Pressure on the chest.

·        If your lips, face, and nails start to appear gray, blue, or pale.

The Bottom Line:

A sore throat can be a symptom of COVID-19. According to some research, sore throat is less common than other symptoms like shortness of breath, tiredness, and cough. If you develop a sore throat along with other symptoms of this disease then go to your doctor and seek his guidance. Then get yourself tested. Pay much attention to your health and if your symptoms start getting worse then seek immediate medical assistance.