Our feet are not just to made up of muscles and bones but are a complete set of tendons and joints too. Remember, foot is the body part that bears the weight of the whole body. Therefore, having pain on top of foot keeps you uncomfortable.

Let’s suppose if you’re feeling pain on top of foot when walking or standing. It indirectly refers to the pain of different other parts of the foot i.e. heels, toes, etc. So, we are here to helping out with some tricks to get relief. First of all, you need to know the reason for this pain.

Why People Have Pain of Top of Foot?

The foremost reason behind your pain is uncomfortable footwear selection. Whether your shoes are tight to lose, both may cause swear pain on top. Furthermore, wearing high heal seems trendy but it may also cause pain.

Medical or fitness issues can also cause foot pain. For example, diabetic patients may also have to have such issues. Having  pain might also be possible due to the following reasons:

  •   If You’re Overweight
  •   If you’re pregnant
  •   Having some foot injury or fracture

How to Diagnose the Pain Properly?

Before starting any treatment or home remedy, it is necessary to diagnose the pain accurately. You may get an appointment from some physiotherapist or doctor to diagnose and for treatment. A doctor will completely examine the foot by pressing from different areas. Check the external condition or try to find out the internal condition of your foot. They may ask to perform some exercise that will be helping to get relief.

When to Visit Doctor for Foot Pain?

As said earlier, there are several reasons behind this. Here are a few symptoms or situations that necessarily need a doctor visit:

  •   When you feel that pain on the top of your foot is severe.
  •   There is some injury to your foot.
  •   You’re unable to put weight on your feet.
  •   Your suffering from fever along with foot pain.
  •   You’re a Gout patient.
  •   Your foot is getting red and continuously feeling pain.
  •   You have got an open wound that is causing pain in your foot.

Helping Points to Ease your Pain on Top of Foot

There are several ways the treatment of pain on the foot when walking. Before, using any homemade remedy, it is necessary to know about the reason behind the pain. Knowing the significant reasons will help you out in getting relief.

Soak Your Feet

Let’s suppose if you’re feeling pain because your feet are tired due to the workload of the wrong footwear selection. You may simply soak your feet into Luke’s warm water and get relaxed for some time. This is a simple remedy that lets you feel comfortable and relax your feet.  

Foot Massage

Sometimes soaking is not a single thing to relax yourself. Your feet need your attention and a gentle massage. Foot massage is something that improves blood circulation in your body and stimulates the muscles. Massage can be done by yourself easy to get relief from foot pain on top of foot.

Physical Therapy

Having pain on your foot top due to some medical condition or any other reason? Try exercise or some physical therapy program. It is the best solution to increase the flexibility of your muscles. Physical therapy is the most effective tactic to get relief immediately.

Pain Medication

Last but not the least, medication is something to get relief for such pains. You have to consult the doctor for the best medication according to your health and pain condition. It couldn’t be bear and should be treated asap. So, visit the doctor or your physician to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Summing it Up

Feet need your special attention and care because they don’t just carry your weight but take you from one place to another. Any issue with feet simply limits your mobility. So, if you’re feeling pain on top of foot when walk or move, Healthyell suggests don’t ignore it.  

Your feet don’t deserve your ignorance and may cause severe issues due to negligence. Make exercising and walking your routine habit. It will be helping you in performing your routine tasks actively. You may also perform soaking and foot massage on daily basis to avoid future problems.