Do you need to go to the gym or maintain your diet with supplements to get a lean body? What Are Ripped Supplements? The answer is to do it all. A ripped body requires hard and smart work. You need to build muscles, lose fat and that requires dedication and time. If you have a dream to get that perfect body you must try out ripped supplements. 

Getting Ripped Fast Supplements:

There can be two types of getting ripped fast supplements. The first ones are muscle-building supplements and the second ones are fat-burning supplements. Here are some supplements that can help you in the muscle gaining part. 

1. BCAAs:

BCAAs offer energy and help you through the ripping process. You should take them during your workout as they work for immediate muscle recovery. 

2. Whey Protein Concentrate:

This supplement promotes muscle gaining and helps in muscle recovery. You should take these supplements right after you finished your workout. 

For example, Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% Whey Gold Standard.

3. Casein

It is a slower digesting supplement that will help you sustain muscle growth and muscle recovery. Consume it a couple of hours before you go to bed. 

4. Glutamine:

You can take glutamine to give strength to your intestines, boost your immunity and make muscle building and recovery better. 

For example, Optimum Nutrition (ON) Glutamine Powder.

Take these supplements at the proper time at regular intervals along with working out and taking care of your health. Moreover, sleep and all other involved factors will help you gain your perfect lean and ripped body. 

Getting Ripped- Supplements for Fat Cutting:

To get ripped you want to cut fat along with building muscles. For that purpose here are some fat burning supplements:

1. Fat Burners

There are two types of fat burners which are thermogenic and non-thermogenic. They enhance metabolism by increasing the energy level of the body and this way your body burns fat efficiently. 

2. Whey Protein Isolate: Ripped Supplements

Whey protein isolates are taken after exercise. They consist of minor carbohydrates and are budget-friendly. These proteins help you lose fat without losing muscle. 

For example, Big Muscles Protein Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate.

3. CLA

CLA burns fat and helps to reduce the production and deposition of body fat tissues. Eg RSP CLA.

What should you do to get a Lean and Ripped body other than taking supplements? 

Factors like deteriorating lifestyle, genetic makeup, and food choices make the body fat percentage higher. You need to do both exercises and take supplements to get lean and ripped. 

Strength training:

Strength training is a crucial part along with getting ripped supplements intake. It will help you increase your lean mass and a toned body.

Diet: Ripped Supplements

Take enough calories in your diet so that protein from the supplements is not getting used to produce energy for the body. Remember that our main focus is to build more muscle mass than gaining weight. 

Get rested:

If you do not get enough sleep it would be harder to grow muscles and lose fat. Take proper rest and set a good routine for your day.


Set a proper workout and strength training routine. Eat healthily, keep yourself hydrated and get enough sleep. So, you can build muscle and lose fat from your body. Getting ripped fast supplements are a good help but they are not the whole solution. So, it is important to keep all the factors in mind.