A root canal is one of the most common and worst dental issues that require severe dental procedures. It is known around the world and it can cause a lot of pain even if you take a lot of medications. Do you know that more than 15 million dental procedures on root canals are done every year? Among that root canal on front tooth is also getting very common. There are of course some procedures now that help in relieving the pain. 

With the rising technology, there are a lot of procedures now that can decrease the pain. After that filling is done and the dentist will attach a crown to the tooth for the best protection. Such a procedure will get simpler if you are going for a front root canal. 

The procedure of root canal on front tooth:

A lot of dentists have been doing different procedures over time. Here is a simple procedure shared with you below for a front tooth:

  • Firstly, there is an X-ray done to ensure which part is affected and whether it requires a root canal or not. Sometimes, the tooth is already dead and they have to get out of the gums. 
  • The dentist will numb the area with local anesthesia to ensure you do not feel a lot of pain. 
  • A barrier is been made and placed so the procedure does not affect any other tooth or the mouth. 
  • The dentist will look for the affected part and even it could be just the dead tissue. 
  • There will be drilling because the teeth are very hard. This step is important to reach the enamel and ensure the right treatment. 
  • The whole area is dried out to ensure proper cleaning of the affected areas.
  • Now, there is a filling that is done on the area to ensure there is no chance of infection in the future that can affect the other teeth as well. The temporary filling also helps with the healing process. 
  • After the healing process, a crown is used to cover the tooth permanently. They can work for 8 to 10 years and even more if the procedure is done perfectly.

Is the root canal on front teeth easier?

Yes, it is very easier than the side ones. Moreover, the pain is also quite less and you do not have to go through a lot of time for healing. There is less pulp with means the front tooth is thinner. Dentists use local anesthesia because it ensures that you won’t be feeling a lot of pain during the procedure. You will be feeling numb for a little while even after the procedure is done. 

What is the recovery time of this procedure?

It can take a few days to a week. A lot of patients recover in 24-48 hours as well. The procedure becomes quite similar if you figure out the symptoms before time.

Will you be needing a permanent crown?

A lot of people do not know that they might not need a permanent crown in case of a root canal on front tooth. The main reason behind it is that these teeth are very hard and can work in the long term. Still, they are not very insensitive. Sometimes, the temporary filling can work just fine after the root canal procedure. But most people get a permanent crown after the procedure. 

Are there any complications of this procedure?

The main thing that you should know is that you will feel pain and that is common. In a few days, it will be all okay for you and you will be free from one of the worst pains that can happen. But if you are still feeling pain after a few days even you should go to the doctor. So, he/she can check what is the issue before it gets worst. 

In general, the procedure is very safe and you won’t be getting any infections. 

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What are the symptoms that you should know about?

Here are the top symptoms that you should know if happens means that you should go to the dentist. 

  • If you are feeling a lot of pain and discomfort, it is time to go to the dentist. Moreover, it might start with a little ache but soon as time goes on the pain will get worse. You might just slow down the pain by taking some medicines as pain killers. But you will be feeling the pressure whenever you eat or drink something. 
  • Sometimes, when the situation goes too far there will be secretion of pus that could be yellow, green, or without any color. 
  • There will be severe swelling on the tissues of your face near the gums. The pain can even flow to the neck and the head as well. You will be facing some pain in the eyes as well. 
  • You will have some unusual taste coming from the affected tissues. Moreover, you won’t be able to eat properly in the area. 

Some important tips for root canal care:

A root canal on front tooth is a simple yet slightly painful procedure. So, you should know these amazing tips for aftercare to ensure the best results. 

  • Brush your teeth 2 times daily and if possible make sure to do it 3 times. Also, floss daily and use an antiseptic mouthwash, especially in the first week. 
  • If you ever get into this situation make sure to get your teeth cleaned once or twice a year. The symptoms can come again so it is important to adopt healthy procedures that can ensure you do not lead to these same complications again. 
  • In cases where you are feeling the same pain again rush to your doctor immediately 

What will be the cost of a root canal on front tooth?

A root canal is not a simpler procedure as the amount is based on complexity. So, it is mostly covered under your insurance plan. The amount will vary in every case as it depends on your plan, the procedure time, and the medications.

For example, if you are taking the cleaning as well then the amount will be more. But you should know that the root canal on front tooth is always cheaper like $300 to $1500. You can pay through your income as well but the side root canal is more expensive. 

What happens if you don’t get the root canal?

It is very common that even seeing the symptoms people sometimes ignore the process of the root canal on front tooth. Well, you should know that a root canal is a very important procedure that takes care of the teeth’ health. When one of the teeth is infected, all of the others can be as well and the chance is more than 90%. The damages done at the core of the teeth are handled by this procedure so ignoring it is not a good decision. 

Don’t make it way too late that the last option is only tooth extraction. It is less painful but not the ideal procedure that you should go for. Today, the root canal has also become quite a less painful procedure that is done with local anesthesia and fewer medications. If you think getting your teeth out would be the right thing to do then you should think again. Pulling out them can result in damage to the jaw and mouth.