Building big and strong hips is the latest fitness trend. Some want hip strength to improve athleticism, some want bigger booty to look attractive and some want relief from osteoporosis. No matter what your goal is, the hip thrust will be your go-to workout.

But workout using your body weight is not always enough and requires a longer time to get the results. Using a hip thrust machine to lift large weights and train your glutes faster is a safe bet. Here is a list of some of the best hip thrust machines:

List of Hip Thrust Machines to use at Home or Gym

ItemLoad capacityDimensions
Light-Commerical Strenght Equipment Smith Machine MACHINE AL-3058UnknownL79.1 x W67.98 x H88.11 inch
Booty Builder Platinum200kg/441lbL 1702 × W 1440 × H 776 mm / L 67” × W 57” × H 30” inches
Booty Sprout135lbL25” x W30” x H7” inches

Light-Commerical Smith Machine (MACHINE AL-3058)

Owing to the versatility of the smith machine, you can also perform hip thrusts with the smith machine and it is now a hot trend. With its durable steel body, aluminum alloy barbell, pulleys, and pull-up handles, it allows you to do more than just hip thrust. Because you don’t have to worry about balancing the barbell now, you will have more activation of the glutes and can lift more weight.

Another good thing about the smith machine is that once you have trained your glutes and now want to work on other body parts, you will not have to spend any more money. You can train other muscle groups as well on the smith machine. Hence it is a safe investment and the best option for not only hip thrusts but complete body and legs workout exercises.

Quick Features:

  • Durable aluminum alloy barbell
  • Versatile cable fly
  • Multiple pull-up bars
  • steel barbell sleeve


  • Isolated glute activation
  • Less activation of supporting muscles
  • A full-body workout can be done


  • Expensive
  • Complicated
  • Occupies huge space
  • Sheer pressure on joints

Booty Builder Platinum V4

As the name suggests, this equipment is made just to build big booty. The elevated foot design provides a complete range of motion and the cushioned seat belt provides safety and comfort. With its effective design combined with large load capacity, this equipment is best for performing hip thrusts either at home or at the gym.

Hang on, there is more. You can also add resistance bands to the booty builder. How is the resistance band a game-changer? A resistance band has a varying degree of resistance. It’s easy at the start but gets proportionally more difficult as you stretch it. This means that the resistance it provides when it’s near full extension is a lot more than when it is just near the start of its stretch. That increased resistance when your hips are at the top is the thing you need to maximize your glute strength.

Booty Builder Platinum V4

Quick features:

  • Durable steel body
  • Load capacity 200kg
  • Pegs for resistance bands


  • Highly effective
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Resistance bands can also be added


  • Expensive
  • Specific for hip thrusts

Booty Sprout

It is not easy to go to the gym regularly when you have a tight schedule and spending a large amount of money on fancy gym equipment is not wise either. If that’s the case, booty sprout is the perfect choice for you. It is affordable yet effective, easy to use, and easy to store.

It uses bands in place of barbells to provide resistance, thus making it much safer and more comfortable. And do not think that if it has a low price, it won’t last long. It is made of powder-coated steel and an industrial-strength hinge. The resistance bands are also high quality. All these things make it the best hip thrust at home.

Booty Sprout

Quick features:

  • High-density NBR foam back
  • 0.75-inch thick wooden board
  • 6 non-marking industrial strength rubber foot pads
  • Neoprene sleeve
  • 3x resistance bands (45lb resistance each)


  • Affordable price
  • Easy use
  • Foldable
  • Safe and effective


  • Specific for hip thrust
  • Resistance bands are detachable and can be misplaced

Hip Thrust Machine: Buying Guide

You should consider the following things when buying a hip thrust machine:

1.   Budget: The most important thing to consider when buying anything is how much you can spend. Making a budget is wise because it prevents you from spending excessive money and also narrows down your options so you can choose more easily.

2.   Purpose: When you are looking to buy a hip thrust machine, remember how you are going to use it. You want to use it at home or include it in your gym equipment. Then you can choose the machine that suits your purpose.

3.   Fitness goal: Choosing the best bicep exercises for your goal is very important to successfully achieve your goal. Keep in mind which body part you want to train and what are the required exercises. Then you will be able to choose the best workout machine for yourself.


If your goal is to develop hips at home, booty sprout is the best choice. Booty builder can also be used for exercising at home but spending big bucks to do one exercise only is not a wise decision.

If you want to develop other body parts as well, not just the glutes, a smith machine is an option for you. It is expensive though but its ability to provide a full-body workout justifies the price. Smith machines are also a good option for gym owners to include in their gym equipment.

Booty builder is good in the sense that it is suitable for both home workouts and the gym. Since there is a better option for a hip workout at home, a booty builder is recommended for gym use.


A lot more are confused about whether they should do barbell hip thrusts or use a hip thrust machine. There is no absolute proof of which one is better. Both are quite similar and pretty much target the same muscle group. It is safe to say that both of these are almost equally effective. You cannot prefer one over the other. Train crazy hard and you will see results with both of them.
  • In general, every workout is beneficial. Every single workout helps you in one way or another. What makes different workouts comparable is your goal. Your fitness goal defines which exercise you should do and which exercise will have a negative effect on your goal. If you want to build mass and strength, the exercises are different; if you want to improve cardio and endurance the exercises are different.
  • In the case of squats v/s hip thrusts, the answer lies in what you want to achieve. Squats activate quads to a greater level than the glutes. Thus, these are better if you want bigger thighs and not a very good option if you want bigger hips.
  • Hip thrusts in the other place; focus more on the glutes than quads and hamstrings. Thus it is a better option if you want bigger hips.
  • And if you want to train your whole lower body (including quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calf), you should do both squats and hip thrusts. Squats will train the quads and hip thrusts will train the glutes.

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