There has been a lot of news going on about the Weeknd plastic surgery. For many people who don’t know Weeknd is the name of a Canadian singer. His actual name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye but famous for his other name. Recently, there were some pictures of the singer on social media. It got a lot of attention and people got crazy saying that he has gone through plastic surgery. Well, the rumor is wrong because the singer was wearing prosthetics for a new music video. 

Twitter was filled with hashtags about it and they were all waiting for the reply of the singer. Some of his fans were angry because of the surgery. Still, some people believe that his look is permanent and not just for the song. Some of the comments include that why do keep people do this. There is no benefit in changing your skin or mutilating yourself. Fans have been highly disappointed and they think it is because of the singer’s mental health. It’s taking a toll and he should take a break. 

It is the new music video “save your tears”  that will release on January 5, 2022. You can see some promos or posts on social media. People have been talking about the Weeknd before and after plastic surgery. You can see fuller lips and his cheekbones show signs of definite plastic surgery. 

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery – Truth behind it:

People have been asking a lot of questions that did the Weeknd get plastic surgery? Well, there have been posts with his face in a full bandage. And, a post that the bandage is off. You can see actual lines on the face for pronounced cheekbones. His fans believe that he went through the surgery and now they are just covering it up. Page Six tweeted that it is more like a disturbing look and it is hard to say that whether just somebody did it for the music video or not. You cannot just identify the prosthetics because it is giving more of a surgery look. But, it also can be computer-generated imagery so the hype is still going on. 

In the event of people asking why did the weeknd get plastic surgery, there has been new evidence. The claim of wearing prosthetics can be true. There has been a report by the Prosthetic Renaissance who creates and designs makeup effects. They claim that Tesfaye wore their design in the upcoming video. They also have a post showing the mold and prosthetic appliances. Well, The Weeknd has been wearing their prosthetics for a long time. So, there is a big chance that the rumor might be false of his surgery. 

The weeknd plastic Surgery – What about the facial injuries?

Well, this thing is disturbing for the fans. In the music video, you can see multiple facial injuries in different places. And, some people who claim to go through such surgeries say that these are real. At the 2020, American Music awards, he came with a bandage on his face and bruised eyes. So, people believe that he went through plastic surgery and now just covering it up because his fans got angry at him. Another confusion is that he wore the same bandage and have the same looks in the video as well. So, it is more like that you never know what these people are doing. 

The fans wanted real answers. According to the statement by Marie Claire, the look in the video shows he went through the surgery. You can only achieve such a look when you have gone under severe plastic surgery or plenty of treatments. The fashion and makeup industry has been revolutionized. There is nothing that they cannot create but this looks real. Either the prosthetic was a big win for the company or the Weeknd plastic surgery is real. 

Some people have claimed that they saw the celebrity in the 2021 Super Bowl and he looked fine. So, these were just rumors by his fans or by his team.

Did the Weeknd get Plastic Surgery?

Even after the whole thing the representatives or the team of the singer did not reply to the fan’s concerns. From 2020 to 2021, the singer has been going around from game to award shows in the same look. This probably can be a technique of their team to promote the music video. His fans know that his music video became a success because of so much hype created by his look. And, this is not the first time any celebrity did that. Singers, actors, or even models plan out these things to promote themselves. He stayed in the hype and trends and his look was the only thing his fans talked about.

Still, the company claimed behind the singer that he has been using prosthetics. So, if he was, the reason is clear that he wanted to promote his new song. His facial injuries were just a show-off to describe the song. 

The Music Album Release:

The Weeknd was also eager to release the album in a hurry. There were many obstacles in this album and a lot of people in his team or production asked him to delay it. He said in the media that his fans have been waiting for so long. He will never do such a thing so his team prepared everything in a hurry. The premiere was a big success and he got a lot of success from this album. Now, the media understands that this was all a successful strategy so the people can see or listen to his album like crazy. 

Considering that even if he had gone through the surgery in real life, his angry fans will still see him. Because of so much confusion, he created it at that time. People were unable to believe that it was not surgery but prosthetics. Also, the bandages that were just worn to promote his album all the time. Turned out to be a great strategy that filled his pockets, made the talk of the media, and made him more successful.