If you’re looking to build impressive upper ab workouts or have a more solid, firmer six-pack, it is essential to work on your abdominals. This article will discuss the top twelve exercises to strengthen your upper and lower ab workouts. Contrary to what most people believe, the rectus abdominis, also known as abs workouts for short, does not comprise two muscles: the upper abs and the lower abs. 

We will discuss the top ten exercises that focus on the upper fibers that make up your rectus abdominus. Be aware that these exercises won’t isolate your upper abs. let’s start reading and going with us to know how to do upper ab workouts at home.

12 Greatest Upper Abs Workouts and best Upper Ab Workouts

  1. Cable crunches

Focus on all of the fibers that make up your upper rectus abdominals using these amazing. Although there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with exercises that use bodyweight, once you can complete 20 or more repetitions with no difficulty. They begin to get less effective and less operative.

  1. Side Planks

This plank variation works your obliques and the muscles along the sides of your torso. Relax on your side with your feet on the floor, your body straight, and your arms straight.

 Exhale and work your glutes and core muscles as you lift your body upwards while keeping your body straight. If you find it difficult to straighten your arm, do the side plank with your forearm. 

  1. Ab workouts at home for women by Weighted Crunch

No cable machine? Problem solved! You can also work your abs by using kettlebells, a dumbbell medicine ball, and a barbell. In addition, the weighted crunches can be a good option for people who do not have access to an exercise machine with cables. Furthermore, Women can do it at home.

  1. Stability Ball Crunch

If you are doing regular crunches, the mobility is limited because of the flooring. But, doing crunches with the stability ball. You can move your spine into an extended posture that will stretch your abs, expanding the flexibility. This, in conjunction with the stability of the ball, stimulates muscles and results in an increased upper abdominal contraction.

  1. Hanging Sit-up

There aren’t many exercises for your upper ab workouts that are more difficult than inverted or hanging sit-ups. It is necessary to wear anti-gravity footwear for this workout. You can depend on the back of your legs using the pull-up hand ladder or bar at the playground.

  1. Janda Sit-up –ab workouts at home for men

It’s a specific sit-up where you contract your glutes and your hamstrings to restrict the hip flexors which means your abs have to work harder than usual. Because they require lifting your shoulders and head from the ground.

Janda sit-ups emphasize the upper muscles of the abdominis rectus. If done correctly, it is a highly intensive abs exercise.
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  1. Rollout

Rollouts can be a hard upper abs workout. You can perform them using an abs wheel or get a more intense workout. You can use an exercise bar that is loaded.

 They can also be done using a suspension trainer stabilization ball and the landmine. In all forms of rollouts, it is essential to brace your abs and use them to stop back extension.

  1. Hollow Rock

Hollow rocks are a challenging abdominal exercise in which you will feel your upper abdominals. This workout is viral in Cross Fit and is thought to be essential for performing advanced calisthenics like single-arm pull-ups or front levers.

  1. Tuck and Crunch

Also called “double crunch,” this move is aimed at your upper and lower ab workouts, making it a vital exercise to incorporate into your workout routine. It effectively blends the sit-up mentioned earlier by putting a crunch on it until your knees are pressed against your elbows. It’s a burner, however, one that you’ll be happy with.

  1. Ab Walkout (ab workouts at home)

Ab walkout exercises are like an ab rollout, but it has the appearance of inchworms. This extremely challenging move is among the most effective exercises for the upper abs that don’t require equipment. It can be done in a standing position, plank position, or even on your knees. Each gives you a great ab exercise.

  1. Inchworms

Inchworms can be a tremendous upper abdominal exercise for beginners and require no equipment. The full-body workout is an excellent exercise to incorporate into the warm-up routine or as part of the training program.

  1. Dragon Flag

A dragon’s flag can be an excellent workout that is a core. While it appears to be an arm raise, it’s your upper abdominals that do the bulk of the work since they must work to support your entire lower body. Careful, however, as it’s a challenging exercise and is only appropriate for those who already have strong abs.

  • Wrapping Up( Upper Ab Workouts )

Although the upper muscles of the abs are significant, it’s essential to be aware that the rectus abdominis muscle is only part of the muscle groups that form your core. For example, suppose you’re seeking a healthy, functional, and strong midsection. In that case, it is essential to add to your upper ab workouts by incorporating exercises for your transverse abdominis, obliques, and lower rectus abdominis. If you don’t take care of these muscles, it could result in postural problems and back discomfort.


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1. What Exercise Is Best for Abs at Home?

Based on the research, cycling crunches proved to be the most efficient workout.

 2. Is It Possible to Get Abs in 2 Weeks?

If it’s feasible to get an entire six-pack in just two weeks, the answer is an unwavering “NO.”

3. Can You Get Abs in 10 Days?

Since it’s generally safe to only shed two pounds of fat every week, it’s impossible to make your body transform to the stage of having abs in a single week.