Narcissistic is a personality disorder in which a person becomes selfish, arrogant, and sometimes also aggressive. People who suffer from narcissism are attention seekers. They think that they have perfect personalities and they want praise and extra care from others all the time. When we are talking about narcissistic people many questions come to our mind. What is the reason behind this mental disorder? and if they are in a relationship then what a narcissist does at the end of a relationship?

What a Narcissist Does at the End of a Relationship – Discussion 

There are many reasons which come from psychology that are the factors which cause narcissistic behavior.

  • It may vary in different people like sometimes it is an environmental mismatch. Some parents give extra attention and affection to their child and sometimes they do not pamper them at all. This situation may make their child a bit narcissistic.
  • This disorder can also come from inheritance in some people from their families.
  • One of the other reasons is that the connection between neurons and the brain is not strong. So it causes some mental disorders.

But according to popular opinion fortune is also one of the factors which lead people to suffer from narcissism. In a way, their achievement of many things that they don’t deserve at all. Such things make them feel prideful and arrogant toward other people. 

How Do Narcissists End Relationships?

It is so difficult to have a relationship with anyone who suffers from narcissism because they are attention seeker people. They can do anything to seek attention from their partner. Sometimes they start emotionally blackmailing their partner and tell them what they did for them all the time. Sometimes they overreact to the situation like they start screaming, crying and sometimes show high aggression.

These all situations make you feel guilty. And you are assuming that you might become cruel, selfish and unkind towards your partner. You might think that you are hurting them a lot as well. So you try to become a better person and do care for them.

Narcissist Blames Their Partner and Fights a Lot:

A lot of partners can understand what we are saying about how a narcissistic person fights and blames them for every situation. They never consider that they can be wrong on any level. For them, their partner is the one who is always on a mistake and they will make a pretty big deal out of a small fight. Even if you break or damage something, they will lose their mind. The small things in life will become a nightmare in your relationship.

In the fight, they will hate you and make you feel worthless in their life. But you have to remember that it is not true. It is just the time when you are fighting and it is in their behavior to do something like this. 

A Guilt Trip Is Common in Such Relationships:

If you have ever dated a narcissist or currently dating, you might have been on guilt trips. And, that is okay because your narcissist partner will be pointing out that everything is your mistake. They consider that everything that is going on wrong in their life is because of you. You might have been thinking lately that you are wrong and how you are messing up this relationship. Moreover, you might be stressing around your partner and having anxiety about your relationship. 

You might have heard from your narcissist partner that you are cruel, selfish, and hurting. But, that is not true because it is the behavior of your partner. Especially, if you have empathy in your heart then it might be difficult for you to face such things. So, try to focus on the positive and happy things of your life and read in the end how to deal with such behaviors. 

What a Narcissist Does at the End of a Relationship – Breaking up with a Narcissist

Sometimes the reaction of narcissistic people badly affects their partner. And their partners also thought that they are blaming and reacting and now they can not move further in their relationship. Resulting in that everything gets to finish and decided for a breakup soon 

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What a Narcissist Does at the End of a Relationship – How Do Narcissists Deal with Breakups?

Narcissistic people become selfish and they are most of the time unable to survive without their partner. So they tease their ex as they text, mail, and call them again and again. Sometimes they threaten them that they will commit suicide if they will not patch up. They also make promises that they will behave well in the future. This is a mental disorder so sometimes the solution is to talk to a professional or a family member. 

How to Cure Narcissistic

First of all, people with this disorder are always on the recommendation for psychotherapy. These people are suggested to leave their all hectic routine and give rest to their mind. They should go to a place where they would not feel any type of stress regarding their life. 

Their close friends can also help them to recover so that they can tell the real image of them gently. They can set the boundaries for the people who love them or care for them. So that they do not expect high attention from anyone and feel hurt if they did not give. 

You can advise them to believe in their personality and ensure they think positively. Give them examples that they should be able to make a negative comment. And that feeling is okay. You don’t have to be angry if someone does not embrace your personality. Maybe you want someone to love you and they don’t love you back. These are not the feelings you should care about and try letting things go.