Whether it’s health or business, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been nice to anyone. As we are seeing everything, from education to business, shifting to online platforms, the main question arises how to replicate the same in-person value online? Many gym owners are concerned about the question “what are people looking for in online fitness classes?” So, we have discussed in this article the seven essential things that people are looking for in this regard.

Many gym owners have shifted their business to online fitness classes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s temporarily or permanently, or maybe it does, but, what matters most is whether gym owners or trainers are able to attract their customers online or not. Online classes are hard to manage at the start because it’s true that almost every trainer didn’t look forward to managing his customers from a distance. But, now they have to. On the other hand, customers also want to make sure that their spent money is well-rewarded. 

List of what are people looking for in online fitness classes:

  1. Wider Access to Instructors and Trainers

People don’t only invest in their fitness when they sign up for your (or any others) gym or studio. Instead, they also invest in the quality of instructors and trainers that you’re going to provide them. You might be thinking that it’s the same factor people look for while signing up for physical fitness classes. Yes, it is, but, they are looking for it even more than they used to in physical classes. So, as a gym owner, you have to make sure that your customers know that you have skilled instructors and trainers.

  1. High-value classes for clients as well as fitness coaches

The pricing of your fitness classes must define the value of classes, regardless of the fact where or how you’re giving these classes. What does it mean? You might be thinking that giving a discount on online fitness classes will attract many customers.

But, the truth is placing discounts on classes decreases their value, not only for clients but also for fitness coaches. So, what do people look at in online classes? Discounts? No, they are rather looking for high-value classes. It’s not that you should start pricing higher than you need to for online fitness classes. It just that makes the price define the worth of classes and highlight the skills of your trainers as well.

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  1. Flexible schedules

What’s the point of taking online fitness classes when you still have to abide by a busy schedule rather than taking these classes anytime and anywhere? Flexible schedules, that’s what people are looking for in online fitness classes. You should highlight that your customers can take these online classes at their own pace. Some customers will like to follow up live classes and some would rather stick to listening and watching the recorded lectures/videos. Moreover, everyone has his speed of work. A customer who wasn’t able to keep up with a trainer’s instruction in-person in a gym will have the ability to replay videos and give himself the time to keep up with the work.

  1. One-to-one guidance from skilled trainers

It’s the perk of taking online classes that people have more access to seeking one-to-one guidance from skillful instructors than they usually have in physical classes. So, what are people looking for in online fitness classes? The opportunity of establishing a one-to-one connection with their trainers or instructors. And, that’s the feature of online fitness classes that you must highlight to attract customers.

Let your customers know that they’ll be provided with individual attention and guidance sessions by your trainers and instructors. In these sessions, your customers can directly ask for solutions to the problems they are facing regarding carrying out a fitness workout.

5. Free online trial classes

Free online trial classes add more to what are people looking for in online fitness classes. With almost everything switching to online platforms, there’s been a rise in scams and frauds. If you’re an owner of a well-reputed gym, you don’t need to worry about that. But otherwise, you need to. Because the last thing that people would want is risking their money.

Therefore, some gyms or studios have started giving free online trial classes. These could be of 2-3 days, but, it helps clear out any doubts that your customers might have. And also, it can attract more customers. Though it might turn out to be an extra burden for your trainers and instructors, it can earn you more customers and it’s a need of the hour too.

The Final Words

You might wonder what are people looking for in online fitness classes. People are looking for flexible schedules, skilled trainers and instructors, free online trial classes, and one-to-one connections with the trainers and constructors, in online fitness classes. Though it can be hard to switch fitness classes online, the process becomes smooth if you manage it right.