Want to know what does a cavity look like? There is a chance that you have across this situation. Or maybe someone in your family has a cavity. A cavity could be a small or big hole in your teeth that is due to decay. It happens over time because of plaque, infection and you ignoring your oral hygiene. 

A lot of people go through the situation of cavities. And, once you have a cavity there is no way to treat it at home. You must go to the dentist and stop taking painkillers if it hurts. Take the prescribed medicines that are usually to stop the infection to spread. The doctor can take good care of it. 

What Does a Cavity Look like – Signs of Tooth Decay or Cavity:

For those thinking about what does a tooth cavity looks like, it’s a small hole in our teeth. Sometimes, it’s too small that you can’t see. Even the doctor sometimes asks you to get an X-ray before starting the treatment. At some time, you will be able to see the cavity. 

Now let’s discuss its symptoms:

Toothache and sensitivity:

You might be facing a toothache for some time. Some people feel a little ache at the start but over time the pain starts to grow. You will feel it whenever you eat something hard, cold, or hot. Moreover, you will feel sudden changes, Like you will feel sensitivity towards food that you eat regularly. 

Discoloration or dark spots:

Discoloration and dark spots might be appearing on your teeth. You might notice them on a single tooth as well where the infection is growing. 

Small hole in teeth:

An important fact you want to know is that the cavities can appear on the front tooth as well. So, you might think what does a cavity look like on a front tooth. It’s the same as it will be a small hole may be possible to see. 

Bleeding from gums:

You might notice that suddenly your gums are swelling. Even, there is blood from your gums while you brush your toothbrush. These are some of the general symptoms for people who are going through cavities or tooth decay. 

Bad breath:

Even if you are doing toothbrushes regularly, keeping care of oral hygiene there is still bad breath. Do you think that is even possible? It is a sign that you need professional help now to get rid of tooth decay. 
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What Does a Cavity Look like – Introduction Stage:

Let’s see what the start of a cavity appearing feels like. There is a chance that any food particle is still stuck in your teeth. It can easily attract bacteria and it starts to grow. This can cause plaque and start causing gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation in the gum that is the initial phase of tooth decay or cavities. 

You might notice that you are feeling pain lately. It is a little ache that is starting to grow continuously. You are also trying painkillers for it to stop but over time you feel the pain more powerful. As the cavity develops, more symptoms start to appear. There are white spots on the teeth and inflammation in your gums. At this time, you must start avoiding junk and sweet food. 

What Does a Cavity Look like – Is It True That You Can Reverse a Cavity?

Well, it is not true at all. You cannot just reverse your cavity but you can remove the problem. If the cavity is in the enamel the doctor can remove it. But sometimes, your teeth start to lose minerals. So, it’s important to wait as your teeth can return to their original health. 

The doctor also removes debris and plaque from your teeth. Even if any food particles ensure you are free from any danger. For some time, you have to stop eating or drinking sugary items as a precaution. 

For people asking what does a cavity look like on a molar. It has the same hole-like appearance as the symptoms mentioned above. So, instead of becoming scared, go to a professional dentist who can clear out this problem for you. A lot of people ask this question about what does a cavity look like because they don’t know about it. If you feel any of the above symptoms seek professional help instantly.