If you are into weight loss, weight gain, or even a fitness freak you might wonder about the pr. You might even ask what does pr mean in gym? PR means the personal record that everyone has when they go to a gym. For some, it could be a record to break in weight lifting, weight loss or just getting fit. It could be your record or someone else you try to break. 

If you are a newbie, you might show a lot of passion and dedication. Of course, that is what has made you join the gym in the first place. Now, you need to know that deadlifting or weightlifting can be difficult. So, you need to start slow and with less weight. You might have the passion to make some of your records but you need to stay safe. 

Safety should be everyone’s number one priority based on these personal records. It takes months and years of hard work for people to make them. You cannot just do that in days if you are a beginner. So, it is important to start slow and then built up your pace with your strength. 

What does pr mean in gym?

These are unofficial records of people that they make doing squats, deadlifts, weightlifting, rowing, and bench, etc. It could be anything but there must be a witness to record it. Of course, people won’t below you if you tell that you broke or made a personal record. You need to have proof that shows you did it. 

What does pr mean in gym? Is it important?

Not on some level as it, these are unofficial records. But, if you want to pursue fitness as your career then yes they count. Like you can have your official fan base that follows your tips and ways. Or you can take part in tournaments and it’s something that shows your credibility. Moreover, it can also be important for those who run a gym and provide professional training. 

Many people hire them even celebrities. These types of people do make a good living out of it by training people. You just have to train at what you are already good and you have the proof to show. Also read Compact Home Gyms.

What does pr mean in gym? Is it worth celebrating?

For those who don’t know what does pr stands in gym, it means personal records. Yes, it is worth celebrating as you have made or break a personal record. These records take quite a time in building up. Not everyone who goes to the gym can easily break records of someone or make a new one. It takes months and years of practice. It shows that you have the athlete’s courage. 

Not everyone has the same courage that athletes have. So, you cannot expect everyone to make a personal record in the gym. 

What does pr mean in gym? Does a pr get count with an injury?

Yes, it does. But, it is considered a bad thing to do to your body. If you are going through an injury it is important to give your body the rest it deserves. You need to make a personal record but your body might be going through a lot. A lot of people don’t understand that and have gone through injuries-making records. 

Even in national and international tournaments, accidents can happen. It can be the one second of your life where you fail to accomplish that goal. So, instead of being overconfident about winning, you should take proper care of your injury. A healthy man winning is taken much accounted for in the fitness world. As he/she represents the true athlete’s strength and confidence.