A lot of people ask questions regarding what is a good moisturizer to use after efudex treatment? Well, the first thing that you want to know is everything about post efudex treatment treatment. It’s not just a normal treatment for your skin but a painful yet powerful one against skin cancer. 

Efudex is a cream applied to the skin in cases of skin cancer. When a doctor prescribes this medicine, it is important that you know everything about it. It involves your safety and how effective results you can get from it. 

There are cancerous skin growths when this medication is the recommendation of your doctor. We all know that there are many cases rising of skin cancer around the world. But that doesn’t mean this treatment will be easy. A lot of people have given their reviews that this is a painful procedure for the skin. But, the result is good and you can see positive growth in your health. 

What Is a Good Moisturizer to Use after Efudex Treatment? 

It is usually after the last Efudex application when you look out for the best moisturizer. Your doctor might have given you some good recommendations as well. There are of course new advancements in the medical field. Even dermatologists are working with companies around the world to ensure the best products available for the skin. 

But if you wonder what is a good moisturizer to use after efudex treatment, there here is the best recommendation. You can use Vaseline or Aquaphor healing ointment on the treated areas. It is to ensure that the skin remains soft. The treated areas are quite sensitive and are pink in color. You can even get sun-burn easily. 

But, it is always best that you go for your doctor’s recommendation than using any DIY methods on your skin. Skin cancer makes your skin vulnerable to everything. So, you might only have to seek professional help in choosing every product to apply for the skin. 

What Is a Good Moisturizer to Use after Efudex Treatment? Indications on Efudex Treatment:

post efudex treatment is a great topical cream that ensures comfort from painful skin cancer. It is also considered beneficial against solar keratosis. Sometimes, doctors also use it against breast, stomach, and esophageal cancers. 

Efudex being a chemotherapy drug interferes with the DNA and RNA. Both are the most important things for the formation of a cell and its growth. Such treatment ensures the killing of cancerous cells and absorbs the cream. 

The success rate of using this cream is around 90 to 93 percent. The best thing about is that it does not leave any scars or discoloration on the skin. However, there are some cases in which surgery is the last resort. On that issue, your doctors can guide you about the best solution based on the level of cancer.

Sometimes the growth of the cancerous cells is out of control and surgery is the last resort. The creams cannot help with that. The post efudex treatment success rate is quite trending these days. Moreover, it can treat superficial lesions also and improve the surface appearance. Even if you have tumors, still your skin will be able to breathe. And, that’s the most important thing in your treatment. 

What Is a Good Moisturizer to Use after Efudex Treatment? Side Effects of Efudex Treatment:

You might know by now that the treated areas of your skin will not be looking pleasing. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Right, now your focus should be on getting this tumor out of your skin. Your skin might remain the same for several weeks even after the treatment. There are four phases that you should know about:

  • Early inflammatory phase: During your first week of treatment, there might be mild inflammation around your skin. 
  • Inflammatory phase: In this phase, the inflammation will increase and there will be redness and swelling. 
  • Tumor disintegration phase: The skin will now start to exfoliate and the lesions will resolve with the help of treatment. 
  • Healing phase: In one or two weeks, the new skin will grow as the dead skin exfoliates. 

However, there are other side effects too but it doesn’t require any medical attention. The side effects can appear to be:

  • Red or dark-colored skin due to the post efudex treatment
  • Erosion of skin means the removal of dead cancerous skin 
  • Irritation in the eyes 
  • Burning, itching, stinging and watery eyes due to pain 
  • Making your skin extra sensitive so you cannot go out in the sun 
  • Pain and burning sensation around the affected areas
  • Dryness and swelling 
  • Skin rashes will appear most of the time 
  • You will feel the need of itching your skin (You should avoid it at any cost)