Has the term Golden child syndrome come across and confused you? You may have heard of a lot of psychological problems that stem in the early years of life. We all need to pamper ourselves mentally as well as physically. 

In this generation, it is important to take care of our mental health. In hostile environments, people may grow mentally unwell and fall prey to anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Such problems unleash themselves in adulthood due to adequate love, sympathy, and warmth. 

Sometimes, these problems do not arise from a lack of love but overlove as well. They may get praise for talents and attributes that they do not possess. For instance, when a child is born, parents set up high expectations. This can cause a strong feeling of self-hollow and incapable effect on the child. When children get love in a troublesome manner they may wind up to be mentally unwell. However, yet another subtle mental health problem that commonly occurs in childhood years is the Golden Child syndrome.

What Is Golden Child Syndrome?

What is golden child meaning? In Golden Child Syndrome, the child excessively seems to think they are extraordinary. The golden child cannot find a real reason for it to be so. They cannot accept themselves truly as who they are. However, the underlying feeling in them is to get love. They want people to accept them for the way they are now. 

The golden son wishes for its recognition and wants all the love. They want to embrace their flaws. A golden child wishes that people forgive all their mistakes. Rather than facing punishment or shame for their wrong deed.

This adequacy of love can create a lot of psychological problems to arise. It is very painful to praise someone for something they can never do or wish to do. Unintentionally, the parents force their children to follow a certain set of unhealthy rules. 

What Is Golden Child Syndrome and Its Effects
What Is Golden Child Syndrome and Its Effects

This depicts that true love is conditional. Parents who see their child as the golden child do not necessarily have ill intentions. They are people with lost ambitions. They transfer their dreams onto their child and expect them to reach the destinations that once they had to. When the child cannot reach the expected career path, they fall into the pits of depression. 

Due to all these reasons combined, the golden child is destined to feel depression and anxiety. They have to go through numerous moments of breakdowns when the hopes invested in it fail. 

For some, the future gets better. The golden child starts to understand that materialistic life is a lie. They slowly experience the sweet liberation from expectations and hopes. Fortunately, they start realizing that they do not need to be living such a life to be worthy of love and care. 

They realize that it does not matter how they live. Even if there are obstacles they cannot achieve, still they have love around them. And, that is the biggest achievement. But, it’s not magical that such things will happen. Of course, such children need help and care to realize these facts. 

Sometimes, with the children the parents also need treatment. It’s important for them to realize that they cannot put their dreams on the child. Their love should be forever not just based on this syndrome. Ultimately, this realization of a perfect life is the bigger reward for the golden child. 

What are symptoms of Golden Child Syndrome?

Golden child syndrome symptoms include:

A strong desire to please

A strong desire to please

The tendency to seek approval from parents or other authority figures is one of the primary signs of golden child syndrome. They are extremely concerned with appeasing their parents and providing for their needs. Often, children will comply with their parents’ absurd requests because they feel it is the only way to get their parents’ love. It is one of the most common golden child characteristics.

Faster growth is often needed

Golden children tend to adopt a more mature role more readily than their peers. For example, they may be able to obtain a job earlier than their siblings and decide to contribute to family finances and household running. Golden child narcissist might also refrain from participating in childish activities and choose to spend their time on more productive interests.

It is common for golden children to parentify other children. In most cases, their parents are entitled to their actions, and the child is conditioned not to rebel.

Super high achievers

Super high achievers

As per, golden child definition, they often excel at school and thrive in a competitive environment. The children work hard in school to demonstrate to their parents how well they are doing. Since the parents are narcissistic, they brag about their child’s accomplishments at all costs.

Fear of failure

As these children always strive for perfection, they might experience a fear of failure. They will become highly frustrated when they do not meet their unrealistic expectations.

How Does Golden Child Syndrome Affect Later Life?

The golden child psychology suggests that growing up can be challenging for golden children. It is common for their “need to please” to persist into adulthood. 

Low Self-Esteem

As a golden child‘s external accomplishments change, so will their self-confidence. This relates to the tendency of feeling they must perform well in order to be loved and approved. Nevertheless, many of them report feeling hollow and devoid of satisfaction. Also, they describe feeling that they don’t have much of an identity apart from their achievements. 

Relationship Problems

In golden boy syndrome, they often have trouble connecting with others, especially if they have insecure attachments to their caregivers. Having never experienced love, they sometimes become overly clingy to others, expecting it. They are often distant, aloof, and untrusting, not trusting others to satisfy their needs.

Compulsive Work Tendencies

The trajectory of a golden child might continue at the workplace if they excelled in school. As they climb up the corporate ladder, many of their hours are spent in the office. The rest of the world would likely affirm their efforts, which can have the same effect as the praise they heard as a child (you do such great work! You are such a boss!).

Escape Behaviors

The pressure on golden children leads many to turn to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or food to cope. It is different from burnt child syndrome. Many times, they can present themselves as high-functioning outside of their struggle. Others may not comprehend “what happened” when the addiction is obvious.

What Is Golden Child Syndrome – Conclusion

This was all that you needed to know about the golden child syndrome. A golden child needs assistance in his journey of the realization that being ordinary is okay. These children need to experience failure and rejection. 

If they do not see what the real world is like, they will live in their happy bubble. And, that will burst one day. It is important for every human being to go through the highs and lows of life. If not so, then how will they discover themselves?

The support from parents and friends can save them from immense heartache and devastation in life. 

If you know someone who is suffering from the same syndrome, help them out. Or, get them professional treatment so they can finally live a healthy and better life.