If you have become a sensible parent now, you might be worrying and scrolling about your babies’ health. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Healthyell will help you to monitor the average and exact growth of your child.
We will not only discuss the concerns about What Is the Average Weight for a 12-year-old boy child but we will start from the top of an infant.

What is a normal weight definition for you? Many answers will be that concerning age that’s right. But if your baby is 5KG at 3 months and your neighbor’s baby is 8 KG at 3 months.
Then please don’t declare your child as underweight because normal weight for a child is different for everyone. The thing to avoid is that don’t compare your child with others. Every child has its genetic potential so the normality definition is different for every kid.

If the question is that ‘what is the average weight for a 13-year-old kid’? Then you first need some guidance about the growth of your child.
An average girl’s height can be different than the average height of a 3-year-old boy. Just like that, their weight changes too. 

What Is the Average Weight for a 12-year-old

Is Your Kid’s Growth Normal or Not?

Factors Determining the Weight of a Child:

  • A genetic factor is a first and main factor that what’s the weight history of a kid’s mom and dad are overweight or are normal.
  • Environmental Factors: Weather conditions in your area are also responsible for the weight of your child.
  • Maternal factor: When you were pregnant what was your intake this also matters a lot.
  • Congenital Abnormalities and system: If the mother has any heart, liver, or lung disease it will be affecting the baby’s health. 
  • Child’s Diet and Nutrition: What your child consumes is the point where the whole struggle will end means a healthy diet and a healthy and energetic kid.

These factors can explain how every child is different. And, even though if the kids are of same age their weight cannot be. Of course, there is an average weight for a 13-year-old female. But that is not important that every girl would have the same at that age. 

Factors to consider while assessing the weight of a child:

  • Don’t consider your kid underweight or overweight because at this younger age your child should find relief in his/her intake. As these are their growing years but good diet meals should be chosen.
  • Use the correct weighing machine.
  • Try to use the same weighing machine to monitor weight because there is inter-machine variability in every machine.
  • If you are worried about the average weight and height of your child. Then plot a growth average weight 12 year old boy and 12 year girls to monitor up and downs in their growth.

Gender Questions regarding weight for different ages:

  • How much a 14 year old girl should weigh?
  • How much should a 14-year-old weight girl?
  • What is the average weight for a 7th grader? 
  • What Is the Average Weight for a 12-year-old

These questions are not only different in ages of kids but gender is also a different factor. Yeah, there lies a huge difference between the growth of a boy and a girl.
If you are a mother you will know about the upcoming puberty of your kid but girls have high growth rate than boys. Girls reach puberty earlier than a boy. 

Charts will help you to access the growth of your child

Weight Chart:

5 years20kg
7 years25kg
9 years30kg
11 years35kg
13 years45kg
15 years55kg

Height Chart:

138.5cm10 years139cm
149cm12 years151cm
156cm 13 years158cm
164cm14 years160.5cm
170cm15 years163cm

These are some different rough estimates because every child has its growth potential.

Time to Seek Help:

This will only happen when you have plotted the growth chart of your child and monitored it.

  1. If weight decreases.
  2. If weight is not increased
  3. If weight increased very rapidly.

Seek consultation under these circumstances.

How much should a 12-year-old weigh?

Weight also depends upon age and height. So as given earlier if your child is underweight or overweight according to earlier estimation then here are some tips for their diet that can help you.

For overweight:

  • Give them low-fat milk
  • Avoid intake of fast food
  • Switch their diet to fresh fruits
  • Chicken consumption is better rather than meat like mutton and beef
  • Fish is the best energy meal for this situation but yes give them according to weather changes mostly in winters
  • Oats porridge with mixed fruits and honey

These products will normalize the body weight of your kid.


  • Fresh fruit juices with less sugar 
  • Good milk intake
  • Rice starch intake
  • No daily snacks once in a week or a month


The height for 13 years old boy is 5ft 6 inches and for a girl, it is 5ft 3/4inches
The average weight for a 13-year-old boy is between 74 to 145 pounds while for 13 years old girl is 76 to 148 pounds. 7th-grade boy or girl is approximately 13 to 14 years old.
It is a teenager so an 11-year-old kid should have an average weight of 36.9kg.
For 14 years boy’s weight should be 105-25lbs round about 57 kg and for 14 years girls: 105 to 115lbs which will be 52 kg according to height too.
The average weight for 15 years old girl will be around 52 to 53 kg.
No, as 170lbs in kg is 77 it is not n underweight value but somehow it can be according to me overweight but again height matters in this regard.

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