What Is Thick Water?

Do you know what is thick water? It is available for people who feel difficulty in swallowing called dysphagia. They will feel difficulty in a way that they may feel cough. Thick water will make them easy to swallow or aspirant. 

These types of patients have a professional recommendation to take thick liquid when they face such problems. Moreover, they should avoid thin liquids like ice cream soft drinks, etc. 

What Is Thick Water and Why People with Dysphagia Take It?

If this problem of dysphagia does not resolve soon it can lead you to a lungs problem and pneumonia. So thickened water can overcome these problems because it also has pure hydration present in it. This water must not have any artificial flavors added to it. Thicker water even doesn’t have an expiry soon which means they are for long-term use. 

What Is Thick Water Used For

What Is Thick Water Used For

Thicker water is for people who suffer from dysphagia. Its constancy makes them lesser difficult to swallow. They are easy to mix with drinks that contain powder with disturbing their taste. You can buy it at a cheap price and can also use it with other beverages. Do you know what is thick water made of?

Thick water is made of some ingredients 

  1. Sodium Acid 
  2. Xanthan Gum
  3. Potassium Sorbate
  4. Sodium Benzoate 
  5. Sodium Hexametaphosphate,
  6. Calcium Disodium EDTA

If thicker water is not available to you then you can also make it in your home with some techniques. Like if you add banana flakes different cereals (like cream of home rice and others) or gravy to your water. Moreover, you can add instant potatoes flakes to your liquid then you will have excellent thick water.

The brands that offer thicker water for dysphagia

  1. Thick-It® brand
  2. Thick & Easy
  3. Think & Clear
  4. Thick and hard
  5. ThickenUp
  6. Simply Thick

What Is in Thick Water?

To prepare the right thick water, there are many levels for its preparation. It is important to know that how much thickness it should have. The right level of thickness depends upon the beverage as well. For example, the density for juices, milkshakes, tea, tomato juice, or mangoes pulp differ. So, the level of thickness is to ensure that it can make every beverage thick. It is important for patients with dysphagia

What Is the Point of Thick Water?

What Is the Point of Thick Water

Now, you might know what is the purpose of thick water. It is to help people who suffer from dysphagia and face difficulties in any situation. There are some tips for those people:

  • They should not use more ice cubes to the liquids which make them thin. If they want to enjoy the cold drink they can use thick water for making ice cubes. 
  • They should read and follow instructions on the product packaging. So, that they get well familiar with the thickness level of a liquid. 
  • Try to avoid desserts like ice cream and shakes. Because when you take them to your mouth they start melting at some point and become difficult to swallow. 
  • Some products can also change their thickness level at certain temperatures. So try to maintain the temperature of your product you want to take 


A common saying is that “health is wealth“. Human health is most precious so try to take care of your health first in dysphagia. If something is not suitable for your health then avoid it. Or get to know what is thick water and how it is helping patients like you or your loved ones.

To avoid any serious issues, it is also important to contact your doctor immediately. Then start drinking based on their professional guidance and your medical condition.