Many people are facing imbalance issues in their body parts like arms and legs. Most bodybuilders are facing this problem. It creates tension for them and they asked, again and again, their gym instructor. Their question is what should I do if one arm is bigger than the other?

For answering this question first of all it should be clear to us that there are two forms of muscle imbalance. The first one is that one arm or leg is bigger than the other And, you can easily feel the difference in it. The second form is that you are having a difference in your biceps and triceps muscles in your arms.

You have these to test your arm by some method to get aware of the problem you are facing. These tests are in this guide for your help. 

What should  I do if one arm is bigger than the other? Tests for this problem:

Testing Concentric Strength

To test the shortening of muscle you can have a dumbbell in one hand and moved it up using perfectly. Now examine your arm that whether it is locked and you are not curling your back because of this weight. Now perform this test in the way with the other hand. If you are not facing trouble in lifting these dumbbells same as before it means that you are perfect. You do not have any serious problem with your arms. But if is arching your back then you are facing a problem.

Similarly, there are other tests to check shorten of your hands like Testing Eccentric Strength and Testing Isometric Strength. For which you would have a better idea about your problem. 

After having an idea about the problem comes to its solution now. You have to look at your best exercise pattern that whether you are using your weaker or shorten arm more than the strong one. Because the more stress on the only arm makes them weaker and causes shortening of your arm. So the first solution is that you should exercise properly by using your both arms properly.

Do not make yourself stress or embrace it if you are facing this problem because it is almost quite normal. No one has a proper symmetrical body and it is quite a natural thing. A lot of people have one arm or leg bigger than the other. Try to avoid these little things about your body in your life because they will also affect your nervous system. And you will feel some time degrade in front of others.

What should  I do if one arm is bigger than the other? The solutions to overcome the problem 

Here are the certain solutions that will make are your arm with healthier muscle and with equal size which are: 

  • Using a fixed resistance machine is also a good idea to maintain your arm strength and size. These exercises include a chest press machine, using dumbbell lifting, and many other free weight exercises.
  • Used your weaker or shorten arm more than the strong one this will make it healthier like another one.
  • Try to use your non-dominant arm in your real-like task. Like brushing your teeth, throwing something at another one, using a spatula in cooking food, drinking water, and picking something from anywhere, etc.
  • In some situations, it is natural that one arm is bigger than the other. You can use clothing that did not make your arm dominant in the difference. Loose-fitting selves are better to wear in this situation.
  • Take a healthy diet properly while you are a workout for your non-dominant arm. Because in the exercise you need more food to consume in your training. You should increase your eating habit to have better results after some time.

Safety precaution 

No need to do heavy exercise one at a time with a non-dominant hand. It will also cause some other problems with your arms like the bursting of muscles.