One of the very important things in life is the way we look. Surely, we all want to look good and attractive, and for that, we would take all the necessary measures. However, some problems lead us to look unattractive and not beautiful. Our white Spots on teeth play a huge role in making our face look pretty, but when something goes wrong with our teeth, not only do we start looking ugly, but we also lose our self-confidence. 

There are millions of issues that concern our teeth, we are here to talk about one of the most important ones. You all must have heard about white spots on teeth and how they make you look really bad. 

We are here to enlighten you with all the best possible remedies to eliminate white spots on teeth at home. We understand that getting such treatments from dentists could cost you a lot of money and sometimes an entire fortune! This is why we are here to help you get rid of white spots on teeth at home. Not only is this going to be convenient and time-efficient, but extremely budget-friendly as well.

What are White Spots On Teeth?

Unfortunately, there isn’t only one reason for the development of white spots on teeth but many. But we are here to talk about all of them to help you understand, and better understanding will help you overcome this problem better.

White spots on teeth are developed because of the following reasons:

  • Fluorosis ( a condition in which the teeth are exposed to too much fluoride)
  • Extremely low calcium levels and poor diet
  • White spots on teeth are also a sign of early decay. This means you probably have a really poor diet that is causing it.
  • Thinner development of the innermost layer of the teeth.

These are also called white spot lesions and are usually present at the front two teeth. They are white and are regardless of age. However, science suggests that children are very much likely to develop it compared to older people. 

Apart from these reasons, there could be many others, for example, and it is very common to develop white spots on teeth after braces

Usually, after the braces have been taken off, within a few days, the spots disappear as well. Unfortunately l, it is not necessary that the white spots on teeth go away themselves. 

This seldom happens as it also depends on the intensity of the white spots. For this purpose, there are many white spots removing treatments that you can go for if you can afford it; otherwise, the home remedies work perfectly. 

You will be surprised to know that there is a huge possibility of developing white spots around gums as well. This happens in dire conditions, and for this, treatment becomes fundamental. We are here to talk about the white spots on teeth in detail and what you can do to get rid of them. First things first, you need to understand the causes. Keep on reading to find out.

White Spots on Teeth Causes:

Some of the reasons have been mentioned. And though they are the only important reasons, you never know there could be many more as well subjected to other contributing factors. Our diet and lifestyle play a huge role in shaping our bodies. 

Lack of a good diet and poor lifestyle can make you sick and prone to serious illnesses and disorders like the development of white spots on teeth, tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, and much more.  We are going to stick to that.

If you are suffering from this and you feel as if your confidence has been shattered, try finding out the reasons for your teeth condition through our article. Move onto our home remedies for a good cure. 

How to prevent these spots on teeth:

Your good oral hygiene is not only one of the best preventive measures for white spots but also for a lot of problems. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis, or gargling after every meal can help you stay away from these issues. A lot of dentists recommend flossing at night on a regular basis. Moreover, there are electric brushes available in the market that you can use nowadays. 

Also, ask your dentist about the toothpaste that you can use. There are so many organic and natural toothpaste options nowadays that can help you stay away from harmful chemicals. People with white spots on their teeth should also avoid sugary foods. They should take preventive measures to protect the enamel. Moreover, if you smoke then it is time to quit it. Also, focus on your diet and try to take natural juices regularly. 

Solutions for white spots:       

If your teeth appear later on in your life, understand that this is not genetic, but something you did made it happen. Find it out, and then switch to the solution.

Here are the 10 tips to get rid of white spots on teeth at home:

Here is a list of remedies to try at home to get rid of white spots on teeth. These will save your time, your money, and the results are going to be instant.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is said to have natural bleaching properties. It extremely strings a just a little quantity of it makes stains and dirt go away. Usually, the white spots on teeth are visible and develop only on the first two upper teeth

So you don’t have to use vinegar on all of your teeth. Mix one-third spoon of vinegar with one-third of water and brush onto your white spots. Leave for 1 minute and wash it off.

  • Baking Soda and lemon

If you want to go for a super cheap home remedy, try baking soda and lemon. Make a paste out of the two and apply to the concerned area. Use a brush if you can and leave for 2 minutes. Remember not to let it touch your gums, or it might cause you some irritation and itching. You will see a remarkable change instantly.

  • Charcoal powder

Charcoal powder is said to be extremely effective when it comes to whitening teeth and removing white spots. It happens to be an excellent bleaching agent, and for decades people have been using it and noticing spectacular results. Use once a week only.

  • Topical Fluoride Toothpaste

Change your toothpaste into a good one. Many good topical fluoride kinds of toothpaste are available, use for a month and see the difference.

  • High Calcium diet

Many times the white spots on teeth develop because of low calcium levels in the body. For this, you need to adapt to a high calcium diet or calcium supplements. Follow this for three weeks and see the difference.

  • Oil Pulling

This may seem a very inappropriate way of treating white spots on teeth, but it does wonders. Oil pulling at least four times a week could make a difference. Using coconut oil for this purpose will play a huge contributing factor in making it disappear.

  • Avoid Acidic foods and Caffeine.

Consumption of too much acidic food and Caffeine leads to the development of white spots on teeth. This is something you need to stop. If that means you need to stop drinking coffee and tea, you have to do that!

  • Turmeric

Yes, turmeric is yellow, and you might think that this might do more harm than good, but that is not true. Brushing your teeth with turmeric paste or powder twice a week at least will make a HUGE difference. Mark our words.

  • Consumption of green vegetable and fruits

Consume fruits and vegetables high in calcium and vitamin C. Greens are naturally made to treat many disorders and infections. Try doing this for your teeth, and you will see a massive difference.

  • Lemon and salt

Brushing the white spots on your teeth with lemon and salt will make the white spots disappear in no time, provided that you follow this religiously once a week at least, not more than that. Using the only salt would help them lighten as well.